Research Paper on Work Environment, Work Behavior, and Self-Esteem

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Date:  2022-12-29


The work environment is are the surrounding situations in which a worker operates. The work environment consists of physical circumstances, for example, the temperature of the office, or apparatus like personal computers. The process and procedures of work can also be related to the work environment. Work behavior is the conduct an individual use in employment and is usually more official than the other kinds of human behavior. Self-esteem reflects a person's overall particular emotional appraisal of their worth. Worker's motivation is the perilous facet at the workshop which leads to the department performance and also the corporation. Motivation is the act that direct and activates behavior the behavior of an individual. We can even say that our behavior is made more vigorous and energetic by motivation.

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The implication of a worker's motivation on the performance of a job cannot be emphasised much as production and overall positive contribution of employees depend mostly on the degree of worker's motivation in many establishments. The employees are the necessary permissions in an organisation, and they help to improve the performance of the job in the company. Hence, the success of any given establishment largely depends on how the human resources are supervised with interest to motivate the employees so that they can work efficiently and also boost their self-esteem. Motivation is an essential matter in every establishment either it is public or private it helps in the success of the company. The word motivation comes from 'motive' which means the wants, needs and the wishes of an individual. In general, the employee's motivation is the procedure in which an organisation inspires its workers with profile rewards and bonuses because they have achieved the goals that have been set by the organisation.

Self-esteem replicates an individual's general particular sensitive evaluation of his or her worth. The recognition of self-worth as a discrete psychological hypothesis is believed to have its origins because it encompasses beliefs. According to the theory hierarchy of motivation, it states that the behaviours of a human being inspired by the tendency to gratify specific wants which are set in a sequence of a regime of reputation. Motivation is a procedure that that consists of continuous reaction, starting with felt desires resulting in wishes, and goals sought, leading to tensions, and eventually causing schedules towards attaining the targets and goals. If motivation is disturbed with the issues that energise, sustain and direct the behavior of an individual, it would seem that a complete theory of motivation at action must reveal itself as three essential sets of variables that include the condition of the work. In a study that was conducted in Stanford, it defines motivation as a condition that drives people towards a desire in person that leads to the acts of an individual. According to Maslow's theory of the hierarchy of needs, it states that motivation comprises of the psychological needs, social needs, security needs, self-actualisation needs and esteem needs (Linguli, 2013).

The esteem needs are the desires that require to be valued over the achievement of an individual, respected, appreciation of the capabilities of an individual and expertise the work of a person. The psychological needs are the hierarchy of employees wants of the most basic needs that will enable an employee to live comfortably. Some of these needs include sleep eating, oxygen, housing and drinking. In the security needs, they go hand in hand with psychological needs. The security needs guarantee the continuity and sufficient flow of work. The social needs also known as the companionship needs enables an employee to interact closely with the other workers. When there is good and effective communication and relations between the employees and the employer, there is an efficient flow of good work, and the organisation can achieve its goals without many difficulties. The wants of self-actualisation are the most important according to Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Self-actualisation is connected to the procedure of establishing the real potential of an individual. The wants of self-actualisation tend to increase the possibility of individuals so that they can realise their behaviours. A person who is dominated by self-actualisation needs is always happy, and he can tackle tasks that are challenging and difficult.

Supervisors try to do things and they hope that they will satisfy the desires of the employees and these wants will encourage the employees to work correctly. The constant functioning and existence of any company widely depend on the extent to which employees are efficient and effective. When there is proper management, the workers can achieve their own goals, and this is what keeps the company moving forward. The achievement of personal and the organisation's goals depends on how the workers are motivated and also the employees must be educated on how they motivate and inspire themselves to work hard. Hence the satisfaction that the employees derive from their workplace depends to the extent to the type of job and everything that is connected to it. It essential for a manager to fully understand the wants and wishes of the employees so that he or she can be able to influence his or her behavior to work harder. To fully comprehend what motivate the workers, the administration must recognise their values, wants, aims and needs of the employees.

The work environment in an organisation also needs to be considered because it has a direct effect on the workers. The work environment can stimulate the performance of the employees and equally when the working environment is inadequate; the performance can also decrease. When the working environment of the employees is pleasant, the workers are said to be leading a safe, comfortable, healthy and optimal life. According to a study that was conducted by Oswald, the work environment is the central aspect that affects the engagement, comfort level and productivity of the employees (Linguli, 2013). Other factors that influence the performance of an employee are access to emergency, safety and health services. Their attendance reflects the level of performance of an employee in their work, less absenteeism and this improves their productivity and performance at the workplace.

The determination and development of an excellent working condition will govern the success of an organisation and how it will achieve its goals and targets. Toxic working environments decrease the morale and motivation of an employee, and this ultimately reduces the performance of the workers. According to a research that was conducted by Basuki, it states that work environment is everything in the atmosphere that either directly or indirectly affects an individual or a group of people who are working in a particular place (Muchtar, 2017). Barry also defined work environment as the physical conditions where the work of the employees affecting the quality, performance and security of their lives when working (GABRIEL, 2016). The work environment can be divided into two types. These are physical and non-physical environment operating environments.

Workers look for empowering pleasant work environment to guarantee the best contribution towards the attainment of goals. Employees who work in proper work environments always feel that they are more appreciated and they are still happy and hence improving their performance and productivity. Due to the nature of the different work environments, there is still a high rate of employee turnover, and the employees naturally fail to live up to their expectations. If the work environment is positive, the workers feel proud and good about their work, and they are always ready to go to work. A pleasant work environment benefits the customers, community Barnes, shareholders and not only the workers. If the employees are happy and also the customers are satisfied, they produce reliable business results, and the organisation can achieve its goals quickly. When work is organised in a way that it is encouraging human growth, it creates a healthy work environment whereby the employees are inspired to think about themselves so that they can be able to tackle their day to day experiences, and hence people gain new insights and understandings and also develop new skills.


The working environment is an essential factor that determines the well-being of an employee, and it should not be underestimated. If a worker experiences pressure and stress at his or her workplace, her performance might be affected and thus leading to decreased quality and quantity of the working productivity. For a company to accomplish its goals effectively, the management should ensure that they motivate their employees regularly so that they can feel encouraged to work more efficiently.


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