Application to Computer Science Masters Paper Example

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Date:  2022-11-20

Mathematics is a very compelling subject that provides solutions to simple and complex problems. The most exciting subject that relates to Mathematics is Physics which I pursued at Queens College, New York between 2010 and 2013. In the process, I completed all the technical requirements for Physics major. The secret was in understanding its fundamentals and unraveling its simplicity. Later, I decided to pursue a bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering at Columbia University. While studying, I realized the uniqueness of analytics which made me familiar with programming and computing. Although I was not equipped to tackle the most complex issues in analytics, I realized that with passion and learning, I could emerge as a data expert in the field of computing. In as much as mathematics and physics solve numerous life problems, my interaction with computers elevated my understanding that such methods could be too expensive, time-consuming and sometimes impossible. My undergraduate research focused on designing a three-dimensional simulation of polymer chain orientation with that would later assist students in Columbia University. As a result, I took classes in statistics and programming.

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After college, I got an opportunity to intern at Coca Cola Company, Atlanta, GA where I performed research on extensive sensory and analytics on Stevia. Together with others, we applied the results to calorie reduction of China Sprite formula. Most of our research involved extensive use of computers but I had limited knowledge. I later became an employee of the company in Shanghai, China and I have been serving in the capacity of a Research and Development Scientist. I succeeded in leading research on the new powder platform, design and review process with an aim of ensuring uniform mixing and filling at the site of production. The most fulfilling part of this job was the chance to learn the current innovative trends in the industry. For instance, the affordability makes it highly vulnerable to new trends. Therefore, retailers and CPG experiment with these to establish a more efficient means to reach the consumers. At Coca Cola, there was a determination to meet public expectations through the optimization of systems. Therefore, I realized that the knowledge of computer science would be significant in adding value to the company. One such area is operations of current technologies with the objective of creating a personalized experience for customers.

My research interests currently center on the creation of excellent customer experience from the manufacturing process, production up to the payment for goods and services. Therefore, I would like to explore the idea of machine learning and the application of artificial intelligence (AI) in the industry. Machine learning will also enable me to track customer behavior and the patterns of learning to attain a competitive edge. I am positive that all these will be advantageous for me to perform research, as well as to succeed in the program. I intend to focus on extensive research in the CPG and retail industries. My interests also focus on developing good customer experience through activities such as having an efficient data system to automate delivery of goods and services. I believe that the knowledge will I gain from this program will prepare and enable me to achieve my goals.


Although I have no prior degree in computer science, I have undergone rigorous training and online courses which have been useful to me in understanding essential concepts. I hope that these could make up for the study gap and therefore facilitate my entrance into the masters program.

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