Application Letter for Master's in Adult Education: Exploring New Ways to Improve Quality

Paper Type:  Application letter
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Date:  2023-02-12


I am applying for a master's program in the adult education program for winter 2020. My interest in pursuing this course is grounded on the rising need to explore new ways of improving the quality of adult education. Furthermore, I am interested in developing holistic and outstanding skills in adult education. I have worked across different institutions and noticed that improving teaching models can boost knowledge. Therefore, getting admission to the program would provide an opportunity to pursue other opportunities.

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I am a graduate student with a bachelor's degree in education from University of Turkey. During my undergraduate program, I covered different coursework, such as internationalization in adult education. The specialty enabled me to understand diverse instructional strategies for adult education. Internationalization courses further allowed me to acquire various skills in areas of adult education across the world. The other area studied is the for school a society which enhanced my skills in discovering diverse roles of the community and the influence it has on the school system and education. It also provided an opportunity to understand different social needs of adult learners. During my learning, I also had a chance to do curriculum theory, which nurtured my skills in understanding the context and scope of work required in my area of specialty. Curriculum varies from one level of education to another. Therefore, mastering curriculum theory was critical in providing adequate skills to the right people and establishing quality standards required in the life of an adult education student. I also learned the concepts and values of adult education. The area boosted my skills in developing the right curriculum for adult learners. Mastering values and theory is critical in understanding the diversity of adult education. I believe that the new opportunity will positively impact on my area of specialization even at masters level.

Apart from the courses highlighted above, I learned much more about identifying the needs of adult learners. As a result, I decided to focus on developing the most outstanding skills to deliver appropriate knowledge to my learners. Moreover, my teachers taught me to believe in the value of hard work and learn from diverse experiences in the teaching field. I have then wanted to share many encounters and explore new opportunities in developing lasting solutions to challenges faced by students in this field. Through a few years of experience in teaching adult education, I have been able to excel in delivering quality subjects. I have also had an opportunity to go through different training, which has boosted my teaching skills.


I have chosen to apply for McGill University because the institution is well-known for providing quality education and allowing its students to explore new opportunities in the field of education. Having developed diverse knowledge on the need to have a successful and fulfilling career, I believe this is an opportunity to learn and apply for my hard work at higher learning. Besides, I am focused on developing skills that align with the upcoming changes brought about with the changing technology. Integrating technology within my classroom will play an essential role in ensuring that students gain appropriate and marketable skills. The reputation of your university for excellence has initiated and boosted my desire to pursue new projects. It provides an opportunity to learn new ideas of resolving diverse problems within education by adopting the latest teaching models and instructional strategies for adult education.

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