Application for the Aviation Scholarship

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Date:  2022-07-15

Introduction and Background

I hereby write to apply for the aviation scholarship as advertised on your website. My love for working in the aviation industry as a pilot keeps me determined to utilize any opportunity that comes my way to fulfill my wish. I have a prior history in aviation and determined goals that keep me growing towards my ambitious career. I am currently working with the Marine Corps, where I have served as an aviation ordnance technician for more than two years; it is at this place that I was first to expose to aviation. To remain relevant in the industry and focused on my goals, I attend aviation training 2-3 times a week and simultaneously work as a full-time employee at the Marine Corps. I also find time to read through the materials taught in previous lessons while on duty.

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Goals and Aspirations in the Aviation Industry

As a young and ambitious person, I see myself as an aviator flying major airlines with California National Guard services. If I won the scholarship, I would be privileged to attain my dreams in 10 years to come or less. I am acquiring perfection and planning to complete my services as an active duty enlistment in 5 years to come. Moreover, I plan to have earned the required knowledge not only in the ordnance technician field but also the ethical principles needed in piloting since it is my future interest career in five years. I stand to benefit a lot from the scholarship is awarded. First, I will be freed from the challenging issues I am presently encountering in paying my school fees. Currently, I had thought of enrolling in my private piloting class, depending solely on well-wishers and little salaries a make from my employment. Winning the scholarship will be a dream come true and a milestone on my career development path.

Financial Challenges and Need for Scholarship Support

I am goal-oriented and ready to excel through challenges faced, no matter the situation and its difficulties. It is quite expensive for financial pilot training, but I enjoy flying and learning all my time. However, I am burdened with financial problems to complete my aviation training, and I would not want to drop out because of a lack of funds. It is the reason why I sincerely need your support through the scholarship award. I did apply for the scholarship to alleviate the financial burden of becoming a professional pilot. My previous training as an aviation ordnance technician was sponsored by one of the pilots employed with the Marine Corps after realizing my determined dream of becoming a pilot. The well-wisher had no enough money to cater to my piloting program and opted to support me with an ordnance technician.

Academic Achievements and Qualifications

During my college training, I was shown with many academic scholarships, honors, and awards for my best performance; they are printed on the dean's list. Some of the awards given include military awards on my deployment and appreciation letters for volunteered work done in the community. I awarded the scholarship; I intended to join the OC flight lesson in Santa Ana, CA. I would like to reinstate that I am in my first stage of aviation piloting by reading through the necessary materials provided and paying little fees I can manage using my credit card.

Yours faithfully,



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