Application for Scholarship

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Date:  2021-03-15

It would be a cliche to argue that I have always known what I want to pursue. However, it is exactly it is in my case. Upon visiting the Sea World, I developed an interest in marine life. Particularly, I was drawn to manatees and fascinated by their friendly nature. Then, I knew that I was destined for the Marine; I wanted to conserve the marine ecology. Since that day, I have spent much of my spare time learning everything there is to know about manatees. On my free time, I attempted to read academic articles on manatees and even went on to annoy my family and friends with scientific facts about manatees; like they are close relatives of elephants. I watched their life stories and mapped their migration pattern.

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When I was selected amongst many candidates to take part in a mid-year placement with Sea World, I fell much more infatuated with these tender monsters. I took in a critical and significant lesson: preceding this entry-level position, I had envisioned turning into a marine ecologist, working with the creatures in their consideration both in confinement and in nature. In any case, amid the entry-level position, I found this is not where my qualities lie. Tragically, I am not a solid good in math or science or math, which are the prerequisite skills. Despite the fact that this was a debilitating acknowledgment, I found that I have different qualities can in any case be of extraordinary worth to manatees and other jeopardized marine vertebrates: my abilities as an advertising administrator and communicator. Amid the temporary job, I developed new presentations and lessons for individuals who visited the park and developed a progression of fun exercises to help them take in more about manatees and the need to conserve the imperiled species when all is said in done. I was also directly involved in the rescue and conservation of manatees and worked hand in hand with marine ecologists in developing awareness-raising and fund-raising campaigns geared towards the conservation.

While I realize that the Student Support Service Program seeks to motivate students toward efficacious completion of postsecondary; to me, SSSP is a gateway to the realization of my goal of being a marine biologist. I feel that the public relations domain of conservation is pretty much as essential as the real work that is done on the ground. Whether it is decreasing one's carbon emission, or sparing the manatees, these are endeavors that, with a specific end goal to be effective, must include the bigger open. Truth be told, the relative accomplishment of the ecological development today is to a great extent because of a monstrous worldwide public relations initiatives effort that transformed environmentalism from something logical and dark into something that is both popular and open to pretty much anybody. In any case, that achievement is being tested like never before; especially here in the US, where a similarly solid against ecological conservation effort has grabbed hold. In this way, conservationists need to become creative. I need to be part of this restored exertion and utilize my common capacities as a communicator to push back against the fairly considerable powers behind the counter preservationist development. I earnestly trust you will consider supporting this non-customary concourse towards worldwide manageability and preservation. I have as of now been acknowledged to a standout amongst the most prestigious interchanges undergrad programs in the nation, and I plan to minor in ecological studies. I thank the board for realizing totally new possibilities in considering my application.

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