Essay Example on Overcoming Stage Fright: Learning the Art of Public Speaking

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Date:  2023-09-10

The public speaking class may be scary to people like me, especially when I think about standing in front of a crowd to deliver a speech. Nonetheless, I had to brace myself to go through with the course because I felt I needed to get over my stage fright. To my surprise, I found out that public speaking was interesting and motivational. I learned the importance of being an effective speaker, which included excellent academic performance, student leadership, and the creation of career opportunities. I believe the campus election campaigns are a good reflection on effective public speaking in students. If a student can seek votes and pass an election successfully, it means that they have excelled in public communication. School campaigns and elections also pave the way for future political figures, all thanks to effective speech. The course also taught me that through excellent public speaking skills, I could make a change in this world, such as contributing to the civic dialogue.

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I now see the importance of mastering the art of effective speaking since it can place me in a better position professionally, personally, and in my community. Looking back at Kaila Richard's story, I am of the view that I can make a difference only if I speak up. Kaila felt the need to request back the presence of Dr. DeMarco, a popular and loved history professor among many students. Complaints circulated, especially among the students, but Kaila saw the importance of informing the college. I believe Kaila's move was brilliant since the message was direct and sincere. Kaila became a hero among her fellow students, and it felt good since her speech skills were personally rewarding.

Attending public speaking classes has enlightened me on how excellent I can be in my career if I have the speech skills. My base of career opportunities could widen. Christine's story is an excellent example of how fulfilling public speaking is professionally. She used her knowledge of public speaking from her college days and sales experience to make a convincing presentation, and she was able to land a managerial job. Public speaking does not only contribute personally and professionally but also to the community. Society progresses as per its people's wants and needs, however the courage to speak publicly concerning matters facing the community is advisable. It is through issues, suggestions raised by members of a society that it can change for the better. I have learned that public figures are not the only people responsible for steering a community on the right path since it is a duty upon every one of us. As a member of society, I will use public speaking skills to voice out my thoughts just like Diana Rodriguez, a mother who spoke at a 2010 press conference in New York regarding gun violence.


I have been able to identify my weaknesses that prohibit effective public speaking after attending this public speaking class. I lack confidence mostly because I cannot engage with the audience appropriately and due to my stage fright. The anxiety that comes with the thought of me making a public speech makes me evade the whole scenario. The public speaking class has also shown me that anyone is capable of being an excellent public speaker, I included. Therefore, I intend to improve on my weak points, especially after discovering the right side of having such skills. I want to be a good orator; to be able to inspire people with my speech. Although the class has put more emphasis on good career and academics as the best outcomes of effective public speaking, I wish to extend my knowledge to humanitarian activities. Convincing large masses of people to make large donations for projects such as hunger eradication would be rewarding both personally and community wise. Such high aspirations require me to become competent in my speech, and hence I plan to boost my confidence through rehearsing, focusing on my audience, and simplifying my speech. I also intend to practice more by giving as many speeches as possible in a bid to improve my performance and reduce, eventually eliminating my fear.

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