Application for Child Life Specialist Internship Paper Example

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Date:  2022-11-20

I am writing to express the interest of working in your institution in the child life department. I have extensive experience in child life record tracking as well as research and mentoring. I believe I have the skills necessary to make a positive impact on Kaiser Permanente.

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Currently, I am a volunteer at Shrines Hospital for children whereby I work under Child Life Specialists. I work together with their parents and their families to make sure that the children receive the best care. This exposure has made e learn more about the patients with whom I interact most with at their bedside. Additionally, I am a volunteer at Make- A- Wish where I help children document their wish and plan on delivering wish enhancements. I also volunteer at the Painted Turtle which is an institution that handles children with chronic illnesses. My contribution was in empowering both the parents and children.

I have five years of experience in child life and care management. I am currently an assistant teacher for Child Life professor. My responsibilities have been identifying crucial gaps in the curriculum, managing projects as well as coming up with solutions for significant problems in the institutions. I have training in Epilepsy First Aid, and I hold a Bachelor of Science in Family Consumer Science and Human Development. I am currently pursuing a Master of Science in Child Life at Azusa Pacific University.

I possess strong communication skills and can work under minimum or no supervision. I can work in multicultural environments and can handle challenging tasks. I am passionate about working with children, so I am confident that Kaiser Permanente LAMC is the most suitable place for me to practice my skills.

I am confident that I will make a positive impact on the lives of the children in the medical center. Please do not hesitate to contact e if you need further clarification. Enclosed please find my resume for your consideration. Thank you,

Yours sincerely,


Encl. Resume



Kindergarten Teacher ~ Mentoring for success Program ~ Assistant Teacher Intern ~Research Assistant ~ Child Life Specialist Assistant


I am a compassionate professional with extensive experience working with children. I am dedicated to expanding knowledge and gaining practical experience in child life while focusing on assisting children coping with the challenges associated with hospitalization, illness, and disability. My expertise is in facilitating group activities, complex counseling sessions, therapy, and behavioral assessment.


Master of Science in Child Life

Azusa pacific university

Expected Date of Completion- January 2020

Bachelor of Science in Family Consumer science & Human Development

Utah state university


Epilepsy First Aid


Kindergarten teacher and Group Instructor

American Preparatory academy


I taught reading, mathematics, and spelling to kindergarten students.

Created lesson plans, graded schoolwork, and developed a mathematics kindergarten curriculum for American Preparatory Academy.

I handled behavior modification.

Program Director, Mentoring for Success Program



Successfully oversaw reading programs in a Title 1 setting for refugee children.

Established strategies to boost the behavioral and attendance improvement of children.

Taught students in grades 1-6 positioned at bottom percentile in core subjects.

Designed a program focused on encouraging and motivating children to participate in school proactively.

Assistant Teacher Intern

Morningside school


Assisted in the instructional and personal growth of students by providing proper learning development and associated activities for 45 preschool and kindergarten learners.

Helped the child life instructor to develop course content

Research Assistant

Utah state university


Identifying critical gaps in the curriculum system

Assisting the research manager in ensuring that the research is carried out effectively as well as in project management

Delivering research projects and curriculum creation


Patient Pall

Valley Children's Hospital


Cultivated relationships with children and families.

I worked with patients, siblings, and families at the bedside.

Selected age-appropriate activities for patients at the bedside. Supported Child Life Team within playroom, playground, and classroom activities

Volunteered in Emergency Department Level II Pediatric Trauma Center & Inpatient in supervision of Child Life Team members for 121 hours

Accompanied patients that need of wheelchair, wagon, and IV pole within the playroom. Ensured compliance with HIPAA.


Cooperating with patients and their families to ensure that they receive the best care

Interact with patients when waiting for procedures

Assist in organizing events carried out in the hospital

Observing medical


Help children determine their one true wish complete with paperwork and obtain documentation required

Put the magic into each child's wish through wish enhancements by creating special touches

Help in utilizing the donations effectively

Update the family on Wish status

Answer questions from the parents and build a positive rapport with both the children and their parents.

Organizing a sendoff party or presentation for the wish

Work together with the wish team to facilitate the best experience for the child


Promise South Salt Lake


Donated clothing and household items to refugee students and families

Monitored children participating in various school activities to promote positive youth development. Coordinated with the afterschool program in the Roosevelt Elementary in cultural and family nights designed to provide a venue for students and parents to celebrate diversity.


Ensuring that everything ran smoothly in the family campus

Playing and interacting with children together with their families to ensure that they have fun



Provided support to orphanage children in summer programs.

Assisted with daily camps while working with children to relieve anxiety.

Traveled to Ivanovo, Russia orphanages while offering assistance in organizing the camps for the children.

Guided children in the improvement of English reading and writing skills.

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