Application for a Master's Program in Finance

Paper Type:  Personal statement
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Wordcount:  607 Words
Date:  2022-04-07

Finance is one aspect of the global world that is very critical today. Over the years, many people have lost their entire life savings due to poor decisions made by financial experts with whom they entrusted their resources. Nations across the world have also faced high levels of inflation and recession leaving their citizens suffering due to bankruptcy or massive debt. I have always been passionate about helping others, and I believe that taking a master's course in finance will enable me to assist people in a field that is very significant in their lives especially for those with minimal resources and limited knowledge.

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My passion for finance sparked after the 2008 recession when I watched my family, friends, and community struggling to make ends meet after many lost their jobs and businesses. However, it was not until I took a finance class that I realized that I could contribute to change by learning more about the manner in which this field operates and applying these skills in different areas.

Having taken a course in political science, I gained knowledge that will come in handy in the finance field. Politics directly influences the field of finance from the way different laws are formulated to the impact of political uncertainty on investments, from the rules that affect financial markets to the connections that businesses have with politics. I have also realized that many policymakers have insufficient knowledge on finance and hence make laws that adversely affect the finance sector. Therefore, I would like to contribute my expertise in the formulation of financial policies. I, however, plan to continue learning about the relationship between politics and finance to expand my knowledge and remain updated. My vast knowledge in business administration will also enable me to take into consideration the impact of different finance decisions on businesses and thus advise business owners on how to operate optimally.

I am also very passionate about data and analytics, and I have taken it upon myself to learn different data analysis techniques. The different skills that I have learned include the use of python, Ms Excel, and SPSS in data analysis. Due to the emergence of big data, I have also taken different courses to properly comprehend how the various data trends can influence the field of finance in a bid to make informed decisions.

Additionally, I gained a great interest in econometrics since it is an essential tool in changing both the macro and micro conditions of both national and global economies. Moreover, I would like to further my knowledge of financial strategies. The relationship between behavioural finance and financial strategies is one concept that greatly fascinated me, and I would like to advance this knowledge. Of most interest to me is the concept of capital markets and investments. This is because this field is the primary cause of recessions and depressions over the years and I would like to comprehend how the portfolio theory, different statistical concepts, pricing models and the organization of securities influence the global economy.

I am a team worker, hardworking, ethical, and highly motivated to succeed. I also value professionalism, honesty, and believe that I possess the intellect and skills necessary to pursue a career in finance. If given the opportunity to join your institution, this will be a dream come true, and I will work tirelessly to make an impact on the lives of different people. I am well aware that this course will require a lot of sacrifices and I am willing to put all my energy into it. I look forward to the privilege of continuing my studies in your fine institution.


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