Analysis of Ontario is Tattooed With Maps of Itself

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Since immemorial, each generation imagines to be possess intelligence that is more than the other. Equally, each generation has same imagination of being wiser than that cometh forth after them or came before them. Scott Noon focuses more on these generations. He keenly focuses on generation Y. Scott Noon Creley is a renowned poet. With all his creativity, he has managed to write much of his poems that do touch on various issues that affect the society at large. Not only the society, has he put much of his energies on the current generation that is renowned as generation Y or the millennial generation. This generation is characterized with attributes of traits that include tolerance and confidence. But these attributes are also shunned with narcissism and entitlement that is based upon their personality (Burstein, 78). From the articles of Scott Noon Creley, he brings on board through his many poems the concepts of faith, education, suicidal behaviors, pension theft that is rampant and perspective of cultural diversity among this millennial generation. Thus, this paper focuses on the analysis of the poem Ontario is Tattooed With Maps of Itself linking it with the traits of millennial generation with the concept of faith, education and working skills as compared to that of generation X.

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The beautiful stories that are linked with millennial generation are not any more a show of roses in the park but a kind of struggle that is acclimatized with life, characterized with a struggle to survive hence realities of their generation towards the concepts of faith, religion, cultural diversity and even education showing a new recession. Despair is all that is on these generation thus all these chronicles are a show of despair that is seen filled with the lives of their dreams thus finding hard to fight the specs of spirituality, education, cultural diversity, pension theft and religion perspectives (Haugen, 55). The show of faith that belongs to the atheist healers, the tired immortals and angels that are seen to be despairing do characterize this millennial generation. Therefore, this generation does not live to expectation of the other past generation given the education, technology and information that they possess and is at hand for them presently.

Ontario is Tattooed With Maps of Itself is focuses keenly on the above concepts that define this generation. The concepts of faith and work place pension theft are enshrined in it. The poem talks of a race competition between the poet, Christ and Devil. Scott Noon clearly states that he could hammer his gas pedal thus making the engine scream hence leading him to beat Christs black mustang that he will use to ride in it while returning home again. Scotty Noon goes ahead and says that he could too do a race with the devil on the pale moonlight hence making the devil do a dance in the moonlight.

From the race above, Scotty Noon outlines how this generation Y focuses on their spiritual life. They are categorized to be less religious. By equating the spiritual race with car racing competitions, it shows that this millennial generation is in the rescinding graph towards the spiritual life. Thus, it is seen that the millennia generation when linking them to the concept of faith, generation y is looking for an environment that is authenticity. Relevant in churches could not help to whore and win back the souls of this generation. This generation characterized with having a dim view of what is conspiring in the church environment. They are not too much of religion thus being skeptical about it. It is shown by Scotty Noon when he equates the religion race between him, Christ and Devil. The words that he uses to describe the race also show how this generation is so skeptical on the religion matters. He says that, he could race with the devil, in between the moonlight that is pale, hence making the fucker dance while they rare racing. Thus, by the choice of his words, he attributes that this millennial generation are skeptical of religion and thus less onto it (Burstein, 75).

With the kind of information that this generation Y has at hand, Scott Noon in his poem, he shows how intelligent this generation is. He is quoted saying that, he knows all where the streets are located. Equally, they know where all the blind alleys, potholes and curves are positioned. He goes ahead to claim that, this generation Y gamble about the world saying that they have all the information that regards to everything that makes life continue in this world. The generation knows the potholes and curves as other generations knew about the quick sad twist that belonged to their gut, they way they knew how hopeless a way of the muscle that encompasses their shoulders was. Finally, Scott shows how this generation does relax when they get acquitted with something. In his poem, he says that the generation relaxes when they find everything is going well and hence less bothered thus no more effort to find more other things that will make life more beautiful and easy going.

Despite being less religious, this generation Y boosts itself of having a better education than other generation. This millennial generation possesses good education that originates from the technology, research tools that is available to them. That is why Scotty Noon says that he knows well the streets, curves and even all the potholes. The curves, streets and potholes are equated with the free information that is linked with education that is available to them. They are using technology, goggle applications and social networks that are essential to the diverse sources of education that make them better than other generations. Renovations and innovations have been defining this generation Y. Thus, in education wise, this generation Y has a big stride in education matters than other generation such as generation X.

Generation X is the most stereotyped of all generations in almost all aspects of life. They are seen to be religious. They are profound to the concept of faith and seen to be adhering to religious matters seriously than generation Y. They are seen to be the hardest working generation amongst the two in the working places. Millennial generation on the other hand is characterized with being so lazy and not hard working by most employees thus generation X having an upper hand in the working place. Being independent and eligible in making decisions makes most employs in the whole world prefer generation X and forsake generation Y (Haugen, 55).

Being careless and irresponsible plus being young sometimes leads to one underperforming in most scenarios. Generation Y is the one that is lazy, irresponsible and careless has seen by other older generations. All the laziness emanate from the age that this millennial generation grew in that is defined with a society is immersed with technology affairs thus making them hard to work with other generations. Generation X is thus seen to be the better generation among the two. But given the facts at hand, all these generations all of them grew on different platforms, different eras when religion was defined and viewed differently and when tasked with the type of education that is on offer initially and presently.

Although the entire society and community do bring a lot of criticisms on this millennial generation with being less religious, cynical, lazy and non independent in making independent judgments, in the working places, their negative effects does not affect their productivity as the generation X and others claim. Millennial generation offers a lot to the current society and communities thus bringing on board new board a lot of new aspects that includes technology and efficient analytical thinking and knowhow of resourceful tools that make life beautiful and easy to live in. The millennial generation thus leads the companies where they work to be more competitive than it was in the past.

In conclusion, generation Y is better placed to handle the current and future affairs relating to education, cultural diversity, technology and tolerance that govern them make them be confidence than generation X has seen by Scott Noon (Haugen, 55). From Scott Noon Creley, he brings on board the concepts of faith, education, suicidal behaviors, pension theft that is rampant and perspective of cultural diversity among this millennial generation. Desperation is related to all generation thus should never be adjudged to only generation Y but also it applies to generation X. Therefore, this generation does not live to expectation of the other past generation given the education, technology and information that they possess and is at hand for them presently.

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