Essay Example on the Power of Metaphor in Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream

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Date:  2023-02-09


Stylistic devices are styles employed in literature to bring out the best meaning of the story, book, or the poem. They are used to express the author's feelings and attract the attention of the readers. They are different literary devices used by distinct authors. In the Midsummer Night's Dream by Shakespeare, several methods are used they include; hyperbole, similes alliteration, metaphor, and use of exposition. From the play, the most employed style is the use of metaphor. A metaphor is a device that is used to compare things without the use of "like" or "as." It is used to give the audience the idea of what the author is trying to explain by the use of comparing it with something basic.

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Understanding Stylistic Devices: Enhancing Meaning and Engagement

Shakespeare uses metaphor in cases where the audiences cannot understand what he was implying to give them simple and ease the way to comprehend the context. The use of metaphors is seen in the following areas. "Your eyes are sparkling, and your mouth brings out the sweetest words..." (William pg 1343). Helena is using the metaphor to show Hermia's beauty and why Demetrius. It is an indication that Hermia's appearance cannot be compared to anything; thus, the use of metaphor is the appropriate device to be used. It is also used where Theseus says, "But earthlier cheerful is the rose refined Than that which, fades on the virgin thorn, develops, survives, and perishes, in single sacredness...."(William pg 1341). He is trying to show Hermia the danger associated with not listening to her father's advice. She should not marry Lysander as he is not her father's favorite yet the one she loves. Theseus is advising her to take Demetrius, who is an Athens and her father's choice. Theseus uses the metaphor to compare what will befall Hermis if she does not follow her father's desire.

Metaphor: Unveiling the Deeper Connections in Literary Works

Shakespeare also employs the use of metaphor in the text where Lysander is trying t show Hermis how ready he is to protect their love. He uses the following words; " Death, sickness or war, may bring a barrier that makes a temporarily sound, hastily like a shadow, small as a dream and short-lived like lighting..." (William pg. 1342). He used it to show Hermis how their love will experience a lot of hindrances, but they have to make them comfortable and use them to get what they want. Metaphor is also used when Lysander is concerned about Hermis being upset. He asks her, "why her cheek is so pale and what the chance that roses there wither so fast is." (William pg. 1342).

Shakespeare uses metaphor in his writing to compare one thing and the other to show the relationship they have. He also uses it to equate to things and give the audience an understanding of his implications. The use of metaphor is providing a deeper meaning of what the characters are referring to in simpler terms. The comparison makes the audience have a picture in mind that the author is trying to bring about. It helps to give the text an inner meaning that is easy to comprehend and understand. The metaphor enhances the play by adding taste and increasing the purpose it has.


Metaphor is a literary device that is used to bring out the relationship between two concepts in writing. It shows a comparison that is direct and easy to understand. It also uses specific examples to explain the meaning of any content. Shakespeare uses metaphor to help his characters express their feelings in brief for each one of them to understand themselves. It is an essential style that authors should embrace and use.

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