Analysis Essay on the Learning Process and Outcomes

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Date:  2022-06-05


The module has been informative and motivating ascertaining that my knowledge and skills are honed since I attended the class and completed my assignments. I profoundly believe that pursuing and executing my masters in online marketing and social media was the appropriate decision because it sharpened my knowledge in the area and that was intriguing. Due to globalization, not only the knowledge and research process but also my identity in leadership was tailored, something that I had not discovered prior. I found that social media has changed the rules in the business realm in several aspects due to opportunities and threats granted by globalization.

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I would love to state that the tutors were great communicators and authentic teaching styles that were encouraging and motivating thus impacting my learning positively and heightening my interest in the course. Furthermore, the master granted me the opportunity to work in teams and discover my skills. Participating in the Business Game as a group was challenging, but emitted outstanding results assisting me in comprehending distinct cultures and molding my cultural awareness (Armstrong, Kotler, Harker, & Brennan, 2015). Not only understanding my peers from different backgrounds but also learning to accrue their best from their cultures and include it in my background as a person, as human. During the teamwork, I learned that frequent discussions assisted in exchanging ideas that were encouraging and enlightening. Despite being reluctant to be part of them, eventually I participated, and it boosted my self-confidence and communication skills.

In conclusion, as a leader, it was significant to attain personal and cultural awareness. However, it is critical to cultivate own character, aptitude, and knowledge to achieve success when operating in a multicultural environment. It is substantial to acknowledge the importance of cultural awareness to avoid misinterpretation in the global context.

A Critique of Process and Product

Several techniques of teaching and learning were employed through the modules. Many of the methods were supportive and rewarding for extensive research work and assignments. Consequently, I believe it would have been favorable to include more tasks that were encouraging and motivating students to engage in researching some digital marketing tools and skills in the department. For instance, a new generation of SEO techniques or the impact of Youtubers into the digital marketing strategies campaigns. Being familiar with the advanced technology and trends is essential for the learning process, especially in the digital marketing because it transforms daily (Cugelman, Thelwall, & Dawes, 2011).

The online blueprints module ascertained that my research skills are developed. During my learning, I realized that every person has their style of learning; there is a differentiated learning process for each one. The module provided me the liberty to submit reports concerning my assignments depending on the topic; thus, drawing accurate data based on scholarly sources. The module impacted me positively, the only negativity that I witnessed and vowed to work on is whereby I provided more information than expected and found it difficult to choose the appropriate data to include to attain an outstanding work. It was challenging, but my attitude improved and started taking the approach more seriously.

Review of Models Used

Several toolkits were learned and employed during the master's degree. The significant toolkits such as Belbin provided a comprehensive understanding concerning my capabilities. Since the commencement of the residential weekend, the toolkits were viable. MCI personal competence toolkits assured that my knowledge and belief were enough to explore my identity and strengths while amplifying them. The conventional strategic tools such as SWOT and PESTEL were utilized providing a new outlook on the global market. Several factors were highlighted on how they should be considered in social media regarding SWOT and PESTEL analysis (Subramani & Rajagopalan, 2003). While executing the tools, I learned on how to spot the global opportunities by referring to practical cases in the business world. The traditional devices are sought as complicated in the contemporary business world making it challenging to be implemented. Every company has its distinct market toolkit that they execute. During the module, I grasped that social media has transformed how businesses are accomplished and affected the marketing aspects. However, social media has provided massive platforms that were not available a decade ago. Among the toolkits, RACE (reach, act, convert, engage) produced a significant idea of why the models are utilized up to date in the business environment (Chaffey, 2016).


The aptitudes and knowledge that I gained through the course ascertain my potential to contribute positively to the business environment and enhances my prospect of being eligible for future employability. The essential skills acquired in the class included communication, global mindset, problem-solver, the capability to identify global business opportunities, and cultural awareness.

I believe I will highly benefit from the global mindset in the business environment. It will drive me towards identifying and appreciating the global forces ensuring that any challenge is tackled in my organization. Furthermore, spotting global opportunities will be comfortable and done efficiently. The skill would benefit me as well because I will be professionally conducting myself and would cost-effectively execute the opportunities.

Gaining the knowledge concerning the business environment enlightened me concerning the market and what was expected, it was my responsibility to request leaders who bring not only innovative ideas, but also those who can fit into a cultural environment, self-awareness, and self-development. I have learned the importance of actively being participative in the social media and connecting with other like-minded individuals. Online marketing has presented connection to people around the globe.

I mastered project management and utilization of technical skills like SPSS that would enhance my professional career. Furthermore, the module stated the importance of having a clear vision due to the boundless opportunities granted by the social media. I have been active in several networking arenas; thus, being updated with the progressive status of patterns and trends in the market. Being update ascertains my capability to showcase my expertise is top-notch and I understand qualities and skills that can elevate me towards venturing something worth.

The experiences and knowledge that I accomplished during the module will assist me in my prospective employment because I have gained enlightenment on the importance of the Internet in a business environment. The research skills acquired can be employed in distinct settings to help in decision-making procedures. Furthermore, my knowledge of sourcing factual data will be executed in determining the market value and trends. Finally, the portfolio created for soft skills will enable me to focus on target jobs that would intrigue me. If it were not for the portfolio, I would not have articulated my skills.


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