Traditional Theories of Assessment and Crafting Assessments Essay

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Date:  2022-08-23

The assessment approaches that other practitioners or instructors might use to ensure that their students can demonstrate concept comprehension from sciences includes using the muddiest point approach. It is a monitoring technique that is often quick where the students are asked to take a few minutes in writing the most confusing and difficult lesson part, reading or lecture. It might be assumed to be the best technique as it is easy to facilitate and create, and one can draw ideas from the written work of students to enhance good learning and understanding (Suskie, 2018). The assessment also provides the students with an opportunity that is metacognitive in thinking about their learning. However, overusing it may cause fatigue to students and devalue the learning process.

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Also, one may opt for the one-minute paper technique that is a popular active learning introductory strategy which requires little preparation for an instructor. In this technique, the students are given a minute in writing any response to a question or prompt that is posted by an instructor and afterward, they can lead into a discussion or be collected for the instructor's review. Also, instructors might use it as it allows the less vocal students to participate fully, can be facilitated easily for any size of a class and it provides an immediate answer or feedback from the quick response to students (Suskie, 2018).

Additionally, there is the concept mapping technique where concept maps are diagrams or drawings that are used to assist students to represent and organize the knowledge of a subject. The map of concepts often begins with the main idea, after that, branch out to depict that the mentioned main idea can be divided or broken down into other specific topics (Suskie, 2018). This activity provides an observable student's pattern action of understanding that is related to a central concept. It also helps students to generate and brainstorm new ideas, communicate intellect, thoughts, and ideas, enables the students to have enhanced knowledge of a topic and analyze the information from the drawn concepts.

The think-pair-share technique is also another way that instructors can ensure their students can demonstrate concept comprehension. The method is most suitable in discussions as it is simple to adopt and quick. The instructor can present a challenge or question, then the students quietly reflect and partner amongst themselves to discuss it (Suskie, 2018). The activity often engages a class with content on various levels and helps in organizing prior understanding and knowledge, deepen content analysis level and enhances the quality of the contributions of students. Also, in this technique, sharing of ideas with peers in groups is of "low risk" as compared to sharing the understanding of an individual with an entire class (Suskie, 2018).

Jigsaw technique involves students researching on their own on a given subject area, then combining their drawn researches with other students to build the entire picture. It challenges students in engaging in reciprocal teaching and can also be an activity for courses relying on heavy intellectual transference. Jigsaw requires a high amount of preparation from the instructors as it needs ample time and should not be used too often because it is not flexible. Additionally, the technique is a variation on easy activities where students gather and directly present to their groups their researched topic. It also helps in building confidence in a particular subject area prior to presentation to peers (Suskie, 2018).


Suskie, L. (2018). Assessing student learning: A common sense guide. John Wiley & Sons.

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