Advocate for Increased Physical Activity In the Global Arena

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Date:  2021-03-22

Lack of physical activity has been identified to be the cause of some of the killer diseases such as high blood pressure Globally. Advocating on increased physical activity among the public is the only solution for dealing with physical inactivity.

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Efficient health advocacy is a priority for efforts increase the number of people participating in physical activity. Training and development programs can play a better role in increasing the participation of individuals in physical activity. The government and other agencies should provide training to public health professionals concerning the importance of physical activity, the roles it plays in public health and strategies put in place to promote physical activity. The training should pay more attention to planning, implementing of evidence-based physical activity strategies and how to create awareness to the public on how it should access safe place for physical activity (Kohl, et al. 2012)

Additionally, active transport is the significant subset of physical activity and it includes skating, walking and cycling. Active transport provides a favorable environment where physical activity can be adopted into daily human activities and essential in encouraging a continuous increase in participation. Active transport is essential to human health as it increases fitness, decreases body weight diastolic blood pressure among elderly in the society and is also associated with better physical activity amongst kids. Health sectors worldwide should take part in supporting active transport program and at the same time, policy makers in the transportation sector should prioritize active transport as it have been regarded as unsurpassed investments for physical activity (Richard et al. 2011) The local government is known for implementation of laws and policies and hence liaising with the local authority regarding the legality of coming up with a certain policy will be necessary. Other stakeholders include public hospitals and other heath agencies who will help in providing technical support and data regarding the health status people around (Cleland et al.,2012)


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