Advertisement Analysis Essay on Carl Sciortino "Father's Son"

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Date:  2022-11-17


The ad about Carl Sciortino who is running for the congressional seat in, Massachusetts in the 5th District shows the various ways in which he was able to persuade the people to vote for him. Carl as explained above, he was running for this sit which involved different communities outside of Boston in the year 2013. Carl Sciortino was one among the seven Democrats who were vying the seat in an election which was unique. This election's uniqueness is because it was held in December whereby several events took place as John Kerry as taken office as the states' secretary. Ed Merkey had held this 5th District seat for T createhirty Seven years having replaced John Kerry in Senate election which was held in June.

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This ad is referred to be the best political ad ever ("Carl Sciortino "Father's Son"). This is because it tends to hide lines between marketing content and advertisement about traditional politics. It is also telling a story which is incredible over a minute. In doing these, the ad breaks the mold in campaigning politicians. I would suggest that any political aspirant who so this ad would have instructed their campaign managers to borrow some ideas from it due to his attractive magic.

Carl who is gay decides to marry his spouse ten days before they go to the election. This ad, therefore, plays a story with the idea of Sciortino 'coming out' to his party father ("The Best Congressional Campaign Ads Of 2013 (Video)"). This time, he comes out as a Massachusetts liberal but not as the earlier character of a gay man.

The story in this ad received a lot of attention in the nation. Some of the Medias that drew their attention to it included Daily Beast, the New York Times as well as Hardball ("Carl Sciortino "Father's Son"). Aaron Blake, the Worthington post termed it as one of the best ads in the campaign which was an interesting one in their current times.

It is rhetorical that this ad is praised by the political analysts about how it brings Carl as loveable but so principled. Even though people might disagree with his thought, but they seem to respect him. In a political perspective, I see it interesting that you can engage in civilized controversy ("The Best Congressional Campaign Ads Of 2013 (Video)"). This character of disagreement without engaging in cheap shorts, calling names or even gratuitous attack should be a major focus that all politicians should learn to follow no matter what they stand for. When we look at the marketing content of this ad, it appears to be so attracting since it provides a political agenda which transcend ("Carl Sciortino "Father's Son"). Rather than this ad is a slogan, it comes out as a narrative whereby it comes out as a compelling narrative. This is seen in a scenario whereby there is a disagreement between the son and the father hence they end up working together.

Rhetorical strategies seem to be observed in the ad. Let us think of if Carl could have come up with the ad which would outline his difference from other people. In this case, he could have described his progressive values, listed how he believes in the right to select and many others. This could not be a story to tell and would not be compelling ("The Best Congressional Campaign Ads Of 2013 (Video)"). This would create an emotional disturbance to the people and would not make Carl relatable since it could have lacked heart.

Sciortino instead of copying the strategies of prominent politicians, he goes on and borrows a storyteller a page, and he writes a narrative of his own. Through this, he seems to create his marketing content. Sciortino can tell his story for himself, and he is not willing to begin seeking for attention or instead begging for the media to report his story ("Carl Sciortino "Father's Son"). This ad shows that you should not wait for the public campaign forums to get the story from you rather the newspaper, but you should tell your story out.

Unlike other organization, politicians, brands, churches, bands any many others who see creation of content as a box for referring to marketing campaign, Sciortino looks it in a different perspective and creates a compelling story through his ad and plops it in the political lap ("The Best Congressional Campaign Ads Of 2013 (Video)"). As it is said over the time, 'the content of your story is not what you do but the stand you are for,' therefore your story should be more significant. This ad describes Sciortino as the person who can use prophase structure in which people don't agree with, but you understand him all along.

A quote says that 'content of innovation is about brain rather than budget.' This ad behind it is budget hence so effective ("Carl Sciortino "Father's Son"). This is because good content narrates a story very well. Sciortino's campaign manager reveals to Boston Globe that hundred thousand dollars will be spent during the campaigns by airing the ad.


In conclusion, this ad is rhetorically effective since it portrays rhetorical strategies required in capturing the audiences' attention as well as rhetorical situation are observed.

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