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Globalization is a phenomenon where companies that excel in their country of origin decide to expand their operations to new international markets. Huge drawbacks and decisions usually accompany this move (Kotabe & Helsen, 2020). Netflix, a global movie and entertainment company, has outperformed its competitors worldwide to become a leader. However, this has not been easy; it has faced many drawbacks to achieving this status. This paper explores the various strategies applied by Netflix to become a global movie company.

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Netflix Globalization Strategy

Netflix received a forceful development system to build up its global power in the video-gushing industry. To begin with, Netflix applied a three-stage expansion process rather than entering all business sectors immediately. It began gradually, in nations that were like the U.S. its home market. Utilizing what it realized in these new business sectors, it extended to a couple of dozen nations by 2015 and afterward kept taking in and developing from that point. Second, it adjusted to neighborhood societies and inclinations, utilizing that information to engage clients worldwide, both with substance contributions.

Globalization requires firms to develop data and analyze this data to suit the new market strategies. Each market is extraordinary, and those distinctions are amplified when crossing global and neighboring markets. Putting resources into information investigation is significant because it permitted Netflix access to data about the nearby socioeconomics and market inclinations. For Netflix to control forthright and venture expenses, it should have been ready to concentrate further on specific market necessities. To concentrate on improved limited buyer essentials, the company needed a stage to accumulate trade information required for extension needs.

Netflix considered exponential globalization a situation where the organization executed cautiously, very much idea out an explosion of development of its items all through nations and districts. Rather than growing in enormous geographic territories, it entered new markets in an increasingly controlled accuracy style. The move was necessary since it permitted Netflix to enter advertises speedier, which assisted with a rivalry against rivals and using some degree of first movers’ advantage. Netflix’s procedure establishes another way to deal with the development that the creator calls exponential globalization, and it is one that different organizations can utilize as well.

Tesla Globalization Analysis

One of the leading global electric vehicle makers is Tesla Company, which is endeavoring to reach new heights internationally. Tesla has fizzled in entering several international markets, including India. The company has invested hugely in research and advertisement strategy on how it can enter the Indian market. The major factor hindering Tesla’s entrance into the Indian market is the high levies charged on its products. Various attempts through campaigns to sway India’s government to reexamine policies on Tesla’s products have not been fruitful, due to India’s strong protection of its market from international brands.

The article’s evaluation of the globalization strategy is affirmative. Organizations worldwide should have the option to gauge deal levels and the amount of rivalry confronting their organizations. Taxes aren’t only extra cost shoppers. It will possibly compensate for an item; it is likewise a hindrance to passage into new markets since it makes firms that face duties considerably less competitive.


Globalization has been met with some disadvantages from countries all around the globe. Universal organizations put additional focus on neighborhood businesses to offer less expensive items; to contend. Consequently, nations around the globe have authorized levies and import limitations on products coming into their nations. In general, this will be hard to accomplish if the administration is applying a tax to enter the fringes. The incapacity to contend with a specific value point keeps numerous organizations from achieving global status.


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