Organizations and People Management Paper Example

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Date:  2022-11-07

Think of one or two of your own experiences and make notes in your reflective diary. Things that you may consider include:

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What experiences have you had?

The experience that I had in the group was a good one. Group work tends to enhance corporation and collaboration (Levine and Moreland 2014). Besides, I was able to develop proper teamwork and communication skills that were useful to my life as a student. During teamwork, one learns ways to build a good relationship that seek to combine skills in solving issues (Katzenbach, and Smith 2015).

What did you get out of being part of a team?

Being part of the team, I was able to learn a better way to interact, socialize with my friends and teammates. Besides, I also learned that disagreement and misunderstanding are part of the teamwork. It is also important to note that, group work helps to spark a high level of creativity given that every member of the group is given a chance to contribute to the topic of discussion (Zepeda 2013).

What were the frustrations?

Despite the many advantages that I was able to gain from the teamwork, on the other hand, frustration was part of the group. For instance, there were some cases of disagreement and misunderstanding. Besides, some of the team members would fail to corporate and work together as one team with a notion to achieve the common goal or the group objectives. It was also frustrating the moment I had to repeat myself on some issues especially when another part of the group fails to be attentive.

What role did you play?

I was just a member of the group, and my role was to contribute in line with the topic of discussion. Being an active member of the group shows that a person has to take part in the discussion and contribute effectively (King, and Lawley 2016).

How would you rate your team on trust, communication, and listening and learning from each other?

Based on my opinion, my team members were relatively average given that they were people who were good at understanding and had team trust. Good teamwork should enhance respect for every member (Coghlan 1994). Besides, my group members had good communication skills despite some of the little and minor disagreement that we had at a time that is always part of the group.

Did the team face many challenges and if so how did you overcome them?

Disagreement and some bit of misunderstanding among the members were part of the group. One of the ways that the group used in solving misunderstanding was on improving our level of listening and learning to accommodate other member's idea and accepting the opinion from every member of the group (Braun, Peus, Weisweiler and Frey 2013).

Did your team use all your strengths?

I did not use all my strength in the group given that; my group members were good people who had a good understanding and other qualities that make perfect group members. Besides, the leader of the group was always available to give directives where necessary and to help solve some of the challenges that the group could face.


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