Paper Example on Popsy's Recipe Leaked: CEO Acknowledges Criminal Violation

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Date:  2023-01-16


It is evident that Popsy's recipe had been leaked out. The CEO acknowledged that he received a call to the effect that Popsy's chief competitor, Cona Cora is set to release a new drink and the recipe used to make it had been stolen from Popsy. Stealing or obtaining information without authorization and disclosing to a third party is both an ethical and criminal violation. Such a situation occurs if and when an employee either permanently or contract shares secret details with a third party. Ethical violations are unprofessional conducts that involve improper use of an organization's resources. It may also entail subversion and deceptive practices.

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Primary Suspects

The primary suspects who may be involved in leaking out Popsy's recipe are the IT Director, John Bench, Jack Smith, the lead research scientist and Rick Jones, the NASA Astronaut and they will be the central focus during the investigation. The CEO, Bucky Dent, will also be a significant suspect despite being the leading head of the company. In the first case, he has exclusive access to all information, including the new recipe. He also has access to Jack Smith and Rick Jones office. It has to be proven that he has no stake in passing the critical information to the competitor, although it sounds remote. All the above persons will be investigated on how they interacted with the company computers and their proximity to the recipe, computer networks and personal interests involved. As the IT Director, John Bench has unlimited access to the company's server, given that he has the knowledge and the technical skills to manipulate the computer server. The CEO acknowledges that as the IT head, John Bench partitioned a portion of the server to give Smith and Dent exclusive access to the recipe files. It thus shows that he has extensive knowledge on how to access the recipe files despite being cautious of not taking the blame on unauthorized recipe accessibility.

Jack Smith, as the lead scientist of the company, is another prime suspect because he understands all the procedures and components of the recipe. His "terse" and uncooperative attitude may also offer a pointer to some knowledge on the leak. Another leading primary suspect is Rick Jones, the NASA Astronaut. Firstly, he shares an office with the lead research scientist meaning that he may have access to some of the recipe files the scientist is working on. The company has little security features, and the passwords used are "user-generated," meaning that hacking into any office computer is possible. It is thus possible for the Astronaut to hack into the lead scientists computer and critical access details on on-going research. Rick Jones laptop computer remains private, and he always has it with him. His professional conduct raises doubt on his honesty. The fact that he can plug his laptop to the company network is also a pointer to accessing the recipe files without anyone's knowledge. At the same time, the IT Director grants him temporary access to the server, meaning that he may access secret details at any one given time.

According to the IT Director, the recipe file was downloaded and emailed from an IP Address internal to the company, an Address that was assigned to the Administration department of the company. This could be a pointer that whoever emailed the file used the company's computers and the user name was rjones. Another remarkable feature in the operations of the company is that minimal precaution is taken to safeguard sensitive details. Weak security measures such as passwords are not given top priority to protect network accessibility. For example, video surveillance had broken, and no replacement is undertaken. One of the essential features of protecting unprofessional conduct with an organization is to install surveillance cameras. With such in place, it could offer an excellent investigative point to analyzing any unauthorized network access by the staff. Failure to patent Fizzy Lifting Drink is a managerial error that provided the prime suspect to carry out their acts and sell to Popsy's competitor without any fear.

Mission Information

How information flows from the lead scientist to the manufacturing unit is vital. By understanding how the research materials and details move from the research scientist to other manufacturing and production units, the information will complete the investigation by putting into consideration other vital factors and probabilities. Additional critical information is how production and manufacturing are undertaken within the company.

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