Adults' Expression of Anger: From Biting to Crying - Essay Sample

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At eight years, whenever I got to agree, I would not concentrate or play with the other children. In most instances, I would sleep to avoid hurting others. However, if I cannot control my anger, I would retaliate by biting my rival.

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Expression of Anger by Adults

I would express my anger to my mother, specifically through crying. I would develop a facial expression that would prompt my mom to sympathize with me. In that regard, I get the comfort I need to control my anger.

Expression of Anger by Child

I would express my anger with revenge. As I grew up, my mates feared me because I wrestle with them out. I hardly forgave when I was angered.

Differences in Treatment between Boys and Girls

Girls and boys face various difficulties while growing up. For instance, boys are vulnerable to communicate where they are bullied by their elders. On the contrary, girls talk faster.

Child's Curiosity About Her or His Body

As a young boy, playing with objects and tasting with the tongue is common. Although girls are cautious, they put their tongues in the mouth occasionally.

Discipline Methods

My mom used to set a limit like the time I should return home. Although, she would sometime listen to me as I explain myself for being. Generally, she knew when to respond when there was trouble.

Who Was The Authority Figure?

As I was growing up, my mom was the authority figure. She would punish me when I cried too frequently. Whenever I was angered by my fellows, I run to her to seek help

Importance of a Child's Curiosity and Exploration

Typically, a child becomes curious to learn about the environment. A curious child can be able to distinguish between what is good and bad. Curiosity is vital for cognitive development

How Affection Was Expressed

In my case, my mom used to display a warm expression toward me. For that reason, I was open to sharing my feelings with her. We were able to establish a strong bond between us.

Children's Rights to Be Heard

Children have a legal right for their views to be considered to participate in administrative and legal proceedings. The convection on Rights of the Child was structure to cover wider content of cultural, economic, social, political, and civil rights of the children (Walker & Miller, 2018). Thus, the rights of children can be easily had.

Talking Openly About Feelings

As I was approaching adolescent stage, the bond between me and my mother became weaker. I could hardly speak about my physical changes. I did not like any discussions based on sexuality.

Disagreements and Confrontations

As a child, I sometimes faced restrictions from the parents that you often disagree with. When I was growing up, I was taught some religious beliefs that I hardly understood. In some instances, I got confronted by older people on the best customs that suited me.

Importance of Food

Food is an essential need for a child apart from education, shelter, and clothing. As I grew up, some of my friends were malnourished and suffered from diseases such as kwashiorkor. In my case, my parents provided me with adequate food that made not suffer from the same diseases.

Behavior Toward Elders

As I grew up, I wanted to imitate my father. Whenever my father went to train, I was there trying to train. Since then, I love the gym and physical exercise.

Value of Education

When I was growing up, I hardly understood the necessity of education. However, I came to realize how intelligent I was while interacting with my fellow students. I recognize that education is crucial for someone to be valued in society.

Value of Conformity

I was raised in extremely low weather. I had to conform to the kind of clothing people were wearing. I even love the kind of attire that really affected me as a freshman in college. Every person needs to conform to the culture and the environment they are raised.

Status of Teachers

Ideally, I hardly performed better in Mathematics at my primary level because my teacher was very strict. I fear to approach him. As a result, the fear really affected by performance.


Walker, L., & Miller, S. (2018). The Early Childhood Educator for Certificate III, Revised Second Edition. McGraw-Hill Education Australia.

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