Addressing Problems of the ESL Students

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Date:  2021-03-13

I have been asked by a lady who wants to register for another course in our college. For her to become one of us, she must have had c+ above in her secondary school. She must also score 7 points in academic IELTS exams. It is not very easy to obtain this test and therefore she was afraid that she might fail the exams because has been very difficult for students to pass that paper. She then requested me to guide her on how to write an essay paper. Immediately, I heard that, I realized that it is my opportunity to improve my language in applied linguistic. I will also ensure that I make theories more relevant and also involve in practical work.

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Because we stay distance a part, we had to use skype in our daily learning activities so that we could learn online within thirty to forty minutes. Our online learning involve clarification of linguistic doubts, description of some events using good English with the concept of SDG in order to improve our understanding on the best way we can construct good flow of academic tests. It also involved the provision of learning feedback and the progress we are making. The data below show the result of our learning within the first three months

Language Length Time limit

1 essay in English 200-300 words none

1 essay in English 300-300 words 30min

1 essay in Italian 300-300 words 30min

We also have other duties to accomplish before the end of this course. I must also assess if the student have understood how to use her writing skills (Martin, 2010). I will also have the obligation to learn another language and must also ensure that I understand how to conceptualize formal components into active meaning system of that language.

Investigate the problem: methods

Throughout my assessment on the previous work, her performance is greatly affected by the use of English and French (Cummins, 2000). Because these two languages require a lot of speaking and also the use of these two languages apply the same structure and form. Due to this, academic language aptitude transfers across languages so that it is easy to obtain new learning concept, linguistic concept which have an effect on the two languages in the same manner.

I have an aim of supporting the students to understand the concept of genre. I will ensure that when she speaks, she knows that she is doing that for a social purpose. She also faces some difficulties in relating such kind of purpose with the corresponding sanctioned form (Coffin at all, 2009:245).

To support her write a clear English which has a logical flow and also to have good analysis with a focus on textual meta-function of mode will form part of my project. I will also ensure that I explain all features of communicative distance such as macro and hyper themes, cohesive devices, nominalisations and lexical sets (Coffin et al, 2009). This will help her develop meta- language thereby helping her understand her writing process, my examination and also the kind of response I have for her.

Understand the problem

It is very difficult to believe that student who has completed her secondary education and studies French and English could still have difficulties in speaking and writing a piece of work in these two languages (Coffin & North,2009). The ideal we will consider it naive in French or unpractical because students usually complete their assignments at home. Through that process, it is very difficult to attain authorship because that social practice can only allow students to have oral exams but to eliminate all written exams. As a result, there is no need to understand it in a given way which allows field, tenor and mode to translate into a given academic writing (Martin, 2010). When the student cannot express herself clearly has some negative effect on the student such as loss of self esteem and confidence. I will ensure that I encourage my student that the current situation is just as a result of a series of contextual factors which can be solved easily. Because my students also have a problem in writing in academic register, I believe that SFG is the most convenient way of supporting her solves her writing problems.

Address the problem

I have gone through the work of my student before receiving the invitation to help her. It is therefore important to make some enquiry so that I can understand the problem the student is having (Brumfit, 2010). I therefore realize that it is necessary to form a lesson so that I can help this student build meta- language. This will help the student to be explicit about the inner being be seen in her by helping the student internalize them comfortably (Hurry et al, 2010). I should also ensure that all the theories be practiced effectively to enable the student to develop such skills efficiently.


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