Safety, Nutrition and Health in Early Education - Course Work Example

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Date:  2021-06-15

Provide a brief summary of your role in monitoring the health and well-being of the children with whom you work.

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I play role in ensuring that the children's special needs are met at all time they include Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), autism, Down syndrome, speech, and language problem. Children with special needs require unique and constant attention in order to interact with the rest of the children by offering them with the right education as well as therapeutic services which will ensure that they mature as normal children. The following are the role I assumed in monitoring the health and well-being of the children.

A mental health appraisal: Conducting physical diagnosis on the childs health condition. I ensured this by observing the child's behavior while interacting with the rest of the kids, participation in educational activities, and the body temperature, food appetite, and sleeplessness.

I observed how children with different health conditions reacted to the medication that is being administered to them. The health of some children would improve appropriately to the medication, while for others improve gradually.

Screening for growth and development norms: Children were screened for growth and development after a given sequence, in the case of any defects in growth, a further medical check to be conducted to determine the cause. Those who had special needs had development screening and monitoring just like those who without special needs.

Nutrition assessment: children had special diets depending on their age and sex, the assessment involved giving children food that is a balanced diet and which has no allergic reaction to the children. Some children were exempted from some food due to their health background

ONE of the following factors in the bulleted list that might inform or complicate your observations of a child's health status.

Cultural differences

Children behaviors and response heavily relied on their cultural differences. Children cultural background differ from one another, and hence complicated my observation on the child's health status, such as having a distinctive response to medication, disliking some nutrition composition, having a different growth rate.

Describe any concerns you may have about your ability to monitor children's health needs and ways you might address these concerns and enhance your effectiveness in monitoring children's health.

Coordination with the parents. Some parents are not cooperative when they are instructed to take certain precautions that will protect the well-being of their children. Due to some cultural differences, some parents view some of the drastic measures given to protect their childrens health as a taboo or unethical. It is observed that, when a child develops some allergic reaction due to the intake of some food, some parents refuse to collaborate with the caregiver and they continue giving the child the same food that has the health effect. Also, some parents refuse to take their children to health care for vaccination, leading to growth and development defect on the children.

These concerns can be addressed by educating the parents on the need of observing critical health concerns, and the importance of giving their children the require health standards

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