65 Excellent Social Studies Topics for Projects at High School

65 Excellent Social Studies Topics for Projects at High School

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Social Studies takes an honored place in the curriculum of high school students. This group of social sciences gives valuable insights into the nature of humankind, society, and individuals. The aim of Social Studies is to equip Americans with an understanding of how our minds work, what fuels society, and how human beings interact with one another and the world around them.

Social Studies is not the course you can take in one semester. This is a system of subjects that include history, geography, culture, politics, religion, anthropology, psychology, economics, culture, and many more. These educational programs are vital for letting high school students understand the nature of civic issues, interpersonal relations, cultural traditions, and others.

That is why high school students are frequently asked to perform a creative and interesting assignment - social studies fair projects. This is a type of task that combines the research of the subject matter and presentation of the discovered materials using the display and oral speech.

We are here to help you come up with stunning social studies fair projects ideas that would allow you to prepare a well-researched and interesting project that would win all the jury’s and teacher’s attention.

What’s in the A-Grade Social Studies Fair Project of a High School Student?

The idea that stands behind the social studies fair is huge. Its purpose is to unite students of all levels and allow them to see the application of the basic principles of social science in real life. This creative project type enables students to interpret the forces that impact the development of society and humankind in general. It’s also a great way for learners to show their talent in arts by creating artistic and unique display boards and writing sophisticated research papers.

This type of work enables students to try exploring materials on a wide range of disciplines and finding out new things through extensive research. But what is more, fair projects allow learners to share their observations with others. The social studies fair usually involves:

  • the choice of the discipline;
  • the selection of the topic within the discipline;
  • the research paper on the topic;
  • the display board;
  • oral presentation.

As you see, creating winning social studies fair projects is not a one-night endeavor. This assignment requires tons of preparational work to be done before you are ready to present your entry to the masses.

How to Pick Good Topics for Social Studies Fair Projects

Selecting a topic for your project is one of the most critical parts of the project creation process. There might be some thematic fairs where a theme is already set. So, the task of the student, in this case, is to find the aspect of the problem that is interesting to explore. 

Even though the recommendations for the topic selection are given in the project fair guidelines, there are some general tips we would like to share with you. A winning topic should be:

  • relevant to the general set theme;
  • narrow enough to enable in-depth research;
  • exciting for the student to motivate the exploration process;
  • important for the society;
  • not related to any of the scientific areas;
  • original in the interpretation of the presentation.

When you made up your mind about what you would like to talk about in your social studies project, it’s time to give your work a title. Make it short yet descriptive enough to give the listeners or readers the idea of what you are dealing with. Also, it should spark curiosity about your work and awake interest in your presentation. However, the idea of a title can emerge during the research or when the whole project is complete.

If you need some help when picking the most suitable topic for your fair project in social studies, we’ve created compelling lists that would give you some hints about what you can dwell on in your work. 

20 Fantastic Topics in Social Studies for Primary School

The purpose of the social science disciplines in primary school is to shape students into responsible and effective citizens who know how to interact with the surrounding world. These disciplines ignite curiosity about real-world issues that have a huge impact on human lives. 

The ability to tackle world-related issues requires a special frame of mind, so social studies fair projects assist young learners to obtain knowledge and skills that would foster reflective and critical thinking. 

Here are the social studies topics primary school students can use to prepare the project that would win everyone’s attention. 

  1. Traditions of celebrating [holiday name] in [city or country name].
  2. The story that stands behind the American flag.
  3. Why do Americans celebrate Independence Day?
  4. How [job title] contributes to the well-being of our community.
  5. The ways the goods are produced through agriculture.
  6. The manufacturing industries of [state name].
  7. The battle tactics of Vikings.
  8. The role of mayors in local government.
  9. How economics shapes our society.
  10. The Constitution is the fundamental document for every citizen.
  11. The main causes of the American revolution.
  12. The way of life of English pilgrims when they landed on the lands of America.
  13. Culture of Ancient Egypt.
  14. The enigma of the Egyptian pyramids. 
  15. Surprising traditions of Ancient China.
  16. Interesting facts about the Zhou dynasty.
  17. Culture of the Shang dynasty.
  18. The factors that shape the customer’s choice of the product.
  19. What ended slavery in the USA.
  20. [Sity] as the capital of [state].

Motivating Social Studies Topics for High School Students

As students advance in the educational process and appear in high school, the material they will be offered at this stage will be more complicated compared to primary or middle school. 

Once the learners have built a solid ground for comprehending a more complicated material, they will be offered to study the judicial system and laws of the USA. They will keep on exploring how other civilizations and cultures developed and will get a deeper understanding of economic concepts. High school students will get to know more of the historical facts and have the USA government course to delve into the political processes of the country.

Since the high school social studies discipline list includes 8 disciplines, we’ll provide the listicle of topics for some of them. 

US History Fair Topics

The high school US History course encompasses the period from the times of Reconstruction to the present day. Students will have a better view of the development of the United States considering the political, economic, geographical, and sociological events. 

As you are going to prepare a fair project on the US History discipline, be ready to talk about colonies and American Indians, the period of Reconstruction, the Revolutionary war, the Constitution and Bill of Rights, the Great Depression, World War II, the Cold War, and other uncomfortable topics. You are free to get a closer look at a certain event or condition, as well as the prominent personality who made a significant impact on the development of the country.

  1. The reasons for the end of the Gold Rush in California.
  2. Slavery in the USA and its impact on the USA economy.
  3. The reasons the US army entered WWI.
  4. Agriculture in colonies.
  5. How the status of African Americans changed after the Civil war.
  6. The Salem witch trials: stories of victims.
  7. The role of women in colonies.
  8. Nutrition of US soldiers during WWII.
  9. Memories of grandparents about WWII.
  10. Key messages of Steve Biko’s speeches. 
  11. Story of [American Revolution figure].
  12. Could the September 11 attack have been prevented?

World History Fair Topics

This course is mandatory for all high school students, which means that willy-nilly you’ve been forced to get to know more about different countries and their key historical events. This discipline will give insights into the world economy and social structures. Students will also be challenged to analyze international relations in the past and these days.

When preparing your project in World History, you’ll learn about different world countries and their culture. You’ll get a better understanding of the economical and geographical changes that occurred in the world and how political situations shaped the past and future.

  1. Mysteries of the Maya calendar.
  2. Mind-blowing traditions of Maya.
  3. Sports and games Aztecs played.
  4. School system in Aztecs.
  5. Weapons samurais used. 
  6. The story of the most feared Samurai.
  7. The five pillars of Islam.
  8. Peter the Great: reforms and accomplishments.
  9. The impact of the Greek culture on Byzantium.
  10. Popular jobs in the Middle ages in Europe.
  11. Absolute monarchies in Europe.

Anthropology Fair Project Topics

If you are crazy about understanding the nature of the human population, what makes people behave differently and adapt to different cultures, the anthropology paper or project should be a good idea for the social studies fair competition. Anthropology explains the biological and cultural origins of human beings, differences in human behavior, and the evolution of social institutions, and many more.

  1. The origin of interjections: why they are different in various languages.
  2. Universal attributes of human culture.
  3. From primates to a modern human being: body modifications.
  4. Greek mythology and its impact on modern culture.
  5. How feminism is implemented in different cultures.
  6. Discover medical treatments in various countries.
  7. Similarities and differences in non-verbal communication all over the world.
  8. Prominent religious leaders (pick one).
  9. The problem of human origin - approaches and theories.
  10. How the environment impacts skin color.
  11. Interesting facts about alternative medicine in China.

Economics Topics for Social Studies Projects

During the course of Economics, high school students learn the connection between production, consumption, and other economic processes and the development of society. This discipline will give an overview of banking, investing, foreign trade, finance, and other related fields. You’ll learn how the government shapes the economic system, which then creates conditions for the social and political processes.

When you choose this course for your project, you’ll be encouraged to research goods distribution, business processes, local and international trade tendencies, investment and banking, and many more.

  1. The ways consumers keep the market stable.
  2. How the government impacts the development of the economy (according to ‘Atlas Shrugged’ by Ayn Rand).
  3. The financial crisis: the rescue plan. 
  4. The protection of customer data by the company.
  5. How the Internet shapes the modern market.
  6. The most successful multinational corporations.
  7. Local business: [business name].
  8. The modern workplace: conditions for a more effective good production.
  9. The worst ad examples.
  10. How is a budget managed in [company name].
  11. Effective tax systems the US government should consider.

The Topic Is Chosen? Time to Get to Work!

We suggested some of the most interesting social studies topics, so now it’s your turn to hit the ground running and get ready for the social studies project.

We are more than sure that you’ll love this process. It might be hard and will take a lot of your time, but it’s worth it. You’ll enrich your knowledge, improve your research, writing, and presentation skills. Saying nothing about the opportunities to show that you are a creative type by crafting a fantastic display board.

Anyway, we know that you might be too busy to prepare the research paper for your entry during the competition. That is why a little bit of professional help in projects or essays writing for high school students will do no harm. We are here to connect you with the experts who will take care of the most daunting part of the project preparation - writing the social science research paper as well as .

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