49 Awesome Topics for Essay or Paper Dealing With Social Issues

49 Awesome Topics for Essay or Paper Dealing With Social Issues

Published by on 2021-07-12 12:31:22

Social issues are so uncomfortable to talk about that they are frequently ignored. There are not many volunteers to discuss how human activities kill the environment or that kids die because of hunger in Africa during the coffee break or on a first date.

But the fact that these social issues are not given much attention in society doesn’t mean that they have become less important. On the contrary, we tend to hide and ignore things that hurt most.

In view of that, these problems become a part of the educational process. That’s made with a purpose because youngsters are the most active members of society. They have out-of-the-box thinking, endless creativity, and enormous energy levels to implement the results of the creative thinking process. 

So, bringing the attention of the youth to the hot problems of humankind is a smart move. Teachers frequently add assignments with problems in society to write about for their classes. Sometimes they give the topic for their task and sometimes don’t.

If you are facing the dilemma of what to write about when you are preparing an essay, research paper, or presentation about social issues, or looking for sociology essay examples, do not worry. We are here to share some tips and make hints for your successful social science project.

Common Examples of Social Issues

So, what do the teachers mean when they ask your group to write a paper on any social problem?

As the name implies, social issues are special conditions or behavior that affect not just a single individual but a specific group of people or even the entire humankind. Generally, these conditions pose a threat to a large number of people, so society makes attempts to address them.

There are many community issues topics that can be related to the massive scale, but we’ll give you a detailed review of the hottest ones.

Climate Changes

Climate changes that lead to global warming undoubtedly pose a threat to humans, animals, and plants. You’ve probably noticed that summers become hotter and winters are getting warmer. There are many reasons for these modifications. Some blame people for carrying out industrial activities and cutting rainforests. Others say that it’s just another stage of the Earth’s development, just like the Ice Period. 

No matter what makes temperatures rise, this affects us and the world around us. Those plants that used to grow at specific temperatures die because of the increased thermometer figures. Animals have less food to eat, so they also go extinct. Humans adapt to abnormal temperatures but learn how to run agriculture in the new setting.


Did you know that more than 735 million people in the world live for less than $1.90 a day? These expenses include food, commuting, healthcare, hygiene, and more. More and more people are living on a shoestring because they lose their job due to the Covid pandemic or other reasons. 

But poverty changes people’s lives in more ways than just cutting access to a decent job. It results in malnutrition, hunger, discrimination, and the lack of opportunities for gaining an education. Poor people can’t get proper healthcare or other basic services.


Bullying is a global phenomenon that affects people from all sides of the globe. This social issue involves aggressive behavior towards other individuals with an aim to offend, intimidate, and hurt the person. This is a widespread problem among students that has a repeated tendency.

Bullied kids become sensitive to the inappropriate behavior towards them but can very seldom do anything about that. They might end up having depression, mental breakdown, or even commit suicide.

Other Social Problems 

Instead of analyzing every single problem, let us introduce a list of social issues for students for need assistance with understanding what else this phenomenon entitles:

The list is not finished as it can include any problem that has a negative effect on many individuals, no matter their age, race, ethnicity, or gender.

How to Settle on One Subject in the Variety of Social Problem Topics?

When you have a lot of options at hand, it’s getting harder to pick. Below, we’ll provide you with a huge number of topics for your paper or presentation. So, you’ve got to be armed with information to meet the variety in a decent fashion.

If you’ve already had experience writing papers or making presentations, you already know that the topic can either make you succeed or drown you down completely. Understanding the subject helps writing an essay outline, and ideas will flow on the computer screen effortlessly with a clear structure and logic, and you craft a great piece of writing with utmost satisfaction. 

But choose the bad one, and you’ll be struggling with even outlining your work. You will have no idea what arguments to use or what words to choose to deliver your viewpoint (if you have already cooked up any). And the overall vibe of your paper will be perceived by your teacher, which might have an effect on the final grade. 

So, before you get the listicle of social issues for a research paper, essay, or presentation, here are the general guidelines on picking the right subject:

  • make sure it’s interesting for you;
  • consider the novelty of the topic;
  • think if you know what to say on the subject matter;
  • check if you have access to resources if you have no background knowledge;
  • ensure it’s relevant for these days.

Contemporary Issues Topics for Impressive Pieces of Writing

We are living through tough times where global catastrophes, pandemics, and other issues attack humankind. Some of the problems are about to be solved, but others require more complex decisions. Anyway, it’s vital to keep students focused on the complexities so that they could take steps towards doing tiny steps that would lead the whole world to a better future.

In this section, we are going to provide you with incredible social issues topics for presentation, essay, research paper, or any other project. These are the hints that can be transformed into the way you feel about the subject.

  1. What spheres of human life does global heating affect?
  2. The unseen causes of the greenhouse effect.
  3. What measures can everyone take to prevent the Covid-19 spread?
  4. How teenagers can be convinced to quit smoking.
  5. Water pollution: should governments make water protection mandatory?
  6. The air we breathe: how polluted air changes our body.
  7. The new way of solving the problem of hunger.
  8. How common stereotypes shape or vision.
  9. Vaccination against the coronavirus: good or bad?
  10. Broken family: is it easy for a child to live without a father/mother?
  11. Should cars be banned in megalopolises suffering from smog?
  12. Cutting rainforests: aren’t we cutting humankind’s lifespan?
  13. What can you do to contribute to solving the hunger issues in the world?
  14. The big bro is watching you, or how far should the government go to ensure security?
  15. How domestic violence ruins a kid’s life.
  16. Should church and government unite?
  17. Appropriate measures towards bullies at school.
  18. SOS! My friend is a drug addict! The story of recovery.
  19. Body positivism is good, or is it the complete health neglect?
  20. Does obesity prevent people from living their normal life?
  21. Is it simple to be a political refugee?
  22. Discussing the roots of aggression in children.
  23. Is there an end to wars all over the world?
  24. Should drugs be legalized?
  25. The best practices of green cities.
  26. Guns at home: discussing pros and cons.
  27. If I were a man/woman, what would my life be like?
  28. The challenges of single parenting. 
  29. Ways to fight adult illiteracy.
  30. How ads shape or mindset.
  31. Water pollutants by plants: how should the government regulate this problem?
  32. Should women be allowed to have abortions?
  33. The problem of balanced nutrition in third world countries.
  34. Challenges poor kids face on their way to gaining education.
  35. Like father, like son: is it always true in alcohol-addicted families?
  36. Should the government control social media?
  37. Drugs and teenagers: the danger of taking the bait.
  38. Can you be a friend to a person with AIDS?
  39. The choices we make: watch a movie or do sports?
  40. Should LGBT people be treated differently?
  41. How stereotypes work against senior people.
  42. Whom would you give up a sit: pregnant woman, a mother with a baby, or a senior person? Explain your choice.
  43. Should abusers be put into prison?
  44. Tons of food we throw away VS hunger in Africa
  45. Alternatives methods to animal testing.
  46. Should movies promoting violence be removed from the screens?
  47. Is social media doing more evil than good?
  48. What can you do to reduce cloth waste?
  49. The dangers of alcohol for teenagers.

Do You Feel Confused?

Do you feel unmotivated to write on any of the social issue essay topics? That’s completely ok. All students do not feel enthusiastic about writing a paper from time to time. So grab yourself together and get inspiration from one of the topics we’ve listed above.

But do not procrastinate and start in advance to be sure you’ll make it by the deadline. After all, you don’t want to burn the midnight oil trying to scribble an essay at least somehow.

If you don’t feel like writing at all, you’d better consider professional writing services. They will spare you from the daunting and exhausting writing process you hate. 

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