What Are Essay Hooks, and Why Do You Need Them?

What Are Essay Hooks, and Why Do You Need Them?

Published by on 2017-09-18 11:23:02

How soon do you close a website, if it doesnt grab your attention? It takes less than a minute to understand, whether you will find the necessary information, doesnt it? The same principle is applicable to your academic papers. If you cant interest your reader within the first paragraph, you lose any chance of standing out. Not to worry, we will share our experience about creating hooks that will keep the readers glued to your essay till the very end.

Does Your Paper Really Need a Good Hook?

You might get away with mediocre introductions for your run-of-the-mill essays. After all, your teachers are required to read your papers to grade them. However, some written works are more important than others, application or admission essays, in particular. Put yourself in the admission committees shoes. They have to scan thousands of applications, read the same essays over and over again. Any paper that stands out is bound to attract attention and get bonus points. You should use this to your advantage if you want to get an acceptance letter from a particular school.

Good hooks are important outside of the school walls too. When applying for your first job, a travel or research grant, you will have to write a cover letter or an essay. Same as with your college application, dont miss a chance to rise above your competition by grabbing your readers attention from the start.

Creating quality hooks will prove especially useful if you are considering a career in marketing or advertising. Any text designed to increase sales should be engaging and entertaining. And masterfully crafted hooks go a long way in keeping potential customers interested.

What Do Your Readers Wish to See?

Writing an engaging introduction takes time. So if nothing comes to mind, write the main body paragraphs and the conclusion first. You can always come back and add the hook later. You will need to consider your readers carefully, weigh their knowledge, experience, and emotional engagement. The better you understand your readers, the more power your hook will possess.

You can either appeal to the readers reason or their emotions. In the first case, you should use any data that can be construed as pertinent and valuable. Show your instructors the deep understanding of the subject you discuss. If you choose the emotional approach, invoke strong feelings by sharing personal anecdotes or private thoughts and ideas that might cause your readers to share your anger, fear or joy. Do not send mixed signals. If you wish to invoke positive emotion, avoid contaminating it with negative feelings.

Three Popular Types of Hooks

Essay hooks can take on a number of forms, but there is no need trying to remember dozens of possible choices. We offer you three effective tools you can apply for any type of academic paper:

  • Numbers dont lie. Therefore, you can support any thesis statement with statistics, factual data. The more striking your numbers are, the better. Just make sure to use reputable sources and cite them properly.
  • Question everything. Whenever we see a question, our brain tries to find an answer. So if you want your readers hooked, ask pertinent questions. Avoid yes-or-no inquiries. And always offer your own version of the answer within the paper.
  • Everything has already been said. Whichever topic you choose, there are hundreds of quotes you can find to support your thesis statement. Start your essay with a famous saying or a little-known passage from your favorite book or poem.

There are no two identical essays, therefore, there can never be 2 similar hooks. We have tried to provide you with guidance and inspiration to craft your own engaging introductions for any type of paper. But if the right words elude you, reach out to our writers. They will be glad to help you write the hook along with the body and the conclusion.