Advertisement's Socially Responsiblity and Mario Mason's Suicide Paper Example

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Date:  2022-08-30

R: do the advertisement treat the receivers with respect?

Yes, this is by basing my opinion. This is because the founders use a young kid who holds a gun which symbolizes security. This is sarcastically used as the government failed to protect the young kids who had no any other help apart from the government help.

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E: is there any equity between the advertisers and the consumers?

Yes, the consumers were very much aware of the situation that had occurred a previous day, so it was much fresh in their mind. There was also a good relationship between the advertisers who were the mom with the key issues who were kids.

S: is the advertisement socially responsible?

No, basing on my views the founders releasing such an ad a day after the incidence would cause many tremors to the affected families. The ad also showed a kid who was holding a gun this is against the America law and was a sign of social injustice.

The final decision is that despite the founders using a young kid to protect herself against mass shooting, the ad qualified and was ethically advertised as it used as it used ethos as it convinced the public importance of security and pathos as it Cleary showed the emotions for a kid protecting herself. Logos was also enhanced very well in the ad as the audience had a clear image of what is happening.


The SAD analysis is a tool for making ethical decisions it comprises of situational definitions, analysis of the situation and the ethical judgment (Bolton, 2012).

1. Did the public have a right to know what happened to Mario Mason?

Yes, the public had a full right to know what the real cause of death to Mario Mason was.

Mario Mason died after he committed suicide and this was just after he had visited the hospital where he had a chance to consult the doctor and complained about the depression. Where despite his critical conditions the doctor just gave him some pills and released him. The importance of the public to know this situation is mainly because according to the Juliana Reyes investigation revealed that the hospital had a trend of releasing patients with serious mental problems home. Thus the public was to be aware of the situation in the hospital.

The public after receiving this information would act upon this situation as the hospital claims that it releases this patient due to lack of enough facilities. It is also said that the hospital was busier; thus the public would find other alternatives an prevent such incidence.

2) Is it necessary to include the Mario Mason's suicide in the TV programme that will cover mental health care issues?

Yes, it is necessary as Mario Mason died as a result of mental illness.

Mario Mason's suicide incidence is one of the incidences that has been reported that shows hard times that the patients 'with mental problems are going through. It is after this death story of Mario Mason who died as a result of committing suicide that made Mario Mason's sister to call Juliana Reyes and ask her to investigate the cause of death that gave light to the public and understood the scenario in the hospital which has habit of releasing mental problem patient from the hospital.

In my view, if this case which had the main evidence through the producer's report were not aired the doctors and members of the public would have taken the matter lightly, but since the evidence was available, members of the public were well convinced.

3) Is it ethical to cover a story regarding a serious health care issue using the suicide story as a point to start with?

Yes, it is much ethical as this is to make the public have a clear understanding of the matter.

Suicide matter fits in discussing health issues this is because it shows how dangerous the situation is. It clearly shows that health care issues are not areas to play on. Juliana Reyes also got an excellent opportunity to demonstrate to the public to what extent that matter regarding health care can reach and damage that it can cause.


In conclusion, it is ethical for Juliana to use the case of Mario Mason as the public got the message with a proper example that stresses everything. Also based on John Stuart Mill argument, it is ethical to harm a single person for the general benefit of a large group.


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