Life is About Perseverance - Creative Writing Example

Paper Type:  Creative writing
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Date:  2021-06-22

The stone-cold walls and floor made the air cold and icy. The pitch-black concrete room was all I had sensed for hours as I lay on the metal table-top, which was held high above the floor at the centre of the large room. Wires and tubes ran from my arms, legs, and chest into multiple machines. The soft rhythmic sounds of the machines were amplified by the bare concrete walls and penetrated deeply into my eardrums.

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Without anyone knocking, the two pivoting doors swung open, spilling light into the room. The sound of a light switch echoed, and the long fluorescent bulb in the room lightened the room. He walked over to me, but wouldnt look at me in the eyes.

He switched on a bright white light on a pedestal and directed it to me. It beamed onto my face from above, piercing through my eyes and into the back of my head. I tried to move, but the leather straps held my chest and knees down. Every move I made caused the needles to pierce into my skin. I was trapped, the numbness grew from my feet to the rest of my body. My face was now full of fear and anxiety.

After some time he switched the lights off and left. All this time I was still trying to figure out who that was. His breath smelt of the cigarette smoke. It was becoming hard for me to know who that was and why he had come to see me. He had tightened the leather straps that tied me on the table to the extent I struggled to take a breath. His bony arm had rubbed over my ribcage, like a pair of knuckles rocking over one another. I clenched my fists causing my nails to pierce my skin.

I struggled to remember how I had ended up to be there as I tapped my fingers on the table. My eyes sparkled with memory. I recalled that there was a night earlier in the week that I went for a stagger at the nearby streets to clear my head. I had just moved into this estate that was on at the edge of the city. It was closer to work, and I was hoping to be getting home earlier than in my previous family home. During the day, the streets were flooded with people, traffic and noise, that polluted the cloudy air. Late at night, after midnight, there was a sense of serenity in the silent that was there.

That night as I walked down the street in the peaceful silence, I saw an image of a person under a street lamp from a distance. The light illuminated his colourless clothes, but a hood he was wearing shadowed his face. He mumbled something to me as I walked past him with an airy breath which i did not hear well. Pardon sir? I replied with a lot of curiously, but also timid at the same time. As he drew his hood over his face, his deep sea blue eyes entranced me. He grabbed me without saying a word.

As we both walked down the empty streets we exchanged words to the extent he told me about his dreams. He had told me how he had done tests on himself, and how he had made himself to become immune to physical and emotional pain. It made me fall in love with what he was telling me and felt that he could change the world. He only needed a volunteer to make his dreams come true. The empty walls of the room reminded me of everything I had ever wanted. That night made me feel that I had met my saviour. He could give me the only thing I ever wanted a purpose. If you have nothing to live for, then live for me. I need a partner. I need a friend. His words enticed me into a daydream without my painful loneliness.

As I recalled the incident, the fluorescent bulb hummed on the ceiling lighting up the room again. The tap ran, and my new friend began rinsing his hands in the basin that was near the door. Although he never called this operation an experiment,' I couldnt help but feel like a lab test. The light flickered off and on as he put my final dose into the reservoir behind the needle tip. Now that he was inches away from piercing my arms with the last needle, I could guess my fate which I didn't want.

Stop! I desperately demanded of him as he approached to where I was. He turned his cerulean eyes from the needle to mine.

Dont you want to be saved? he asked me. I can fix you.

My chest began to get heavy, and with every breath I took, I could feel blood running through my veins. That statement had made me anxious since I didn't want to lose the only friend I had gotten, but again I asked myself where was I broken that required me to be saved by him. All I had desired was to fulfil my purpose in life. I tried to flee myself from the leather straps that tied me to the table, but it was all in vain.

His eyes changed from the purity of ocean blue to a dark, musty grey colour of a rain cloud. He firmly held the back of my arm behind my elbow with his bony fingers and injected the needle into one of my pulsating veins. I struggled to flee myself, but I couldnt shake off his tight grasp so as to stop his thumb from shooting the poison into my arm. I watched as the poison trickled down my veins and filled my body with his destructive intention.

Suddenly, the pain intensified and my muscles started to spasm. I jerked violently against the table, attempting to escape the burning sensation that had flooded my veins. As I moved, the needles became looser, but with a sharp spike of pain, I knew there was blood running down my leg. My heart was pounding, as my saviour attempted to soothe me. Every muscle in me was begging me to quit. The pain slowly increased to every part of my body.

There now, my darling, isnt that better? He asked me. That's when I realized that he had numbed my body. It made me come back to my senses and realize that I didn't require to be Immune to pain so as to see the real value of being human, Pain shouldn't be the real determinant of how one lives his life, but I was realizing it when it's too late.

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