Why Do I Want to go to Medical School? - Essay Sample

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Date:  2022-06-19


Working in the United States Navy taught me about the role each one of us plays in the balance of the society. We all have to serve the members of our society in different ways. For humanity to survive and reach the potential of what it should be, everyone needs to make sacrifices and contributions that will positively impact current and future generations. Being a veteran gave me a sense of purpose in the society and eventually ignited my passion for medicine. As a veteran, my daily routine included providing services for the greater good. I worked in the United States Navy for many years and realized that my service is the only provision I can accord to humanity. It is the only aspect of myself that can create positive changes even in the smallest of ways. Therefore, I am inclined to believe that I should continue serving through the practice of medicine. I am convinced that many people require healthcare services that are often inaccessible. I would like to dedicate the remainder of my time on earth to learn and practice medicine. I feel a burning desire to be a positive influence in the progress of the communities around me. Being in the military taught me the humbleness of service and the need to provide it to the best of one's ability. The concept of giving myself wholly to others is still planted in my core values as a human being. I want to provide my service in the same manner as I did in the military by working hard, training, making sacrifices, and extending a helping hand to other humans in need. I know that the medical field will satisfy my passion for serving humanity that came alive when I understood the ideal of laying my life for the sake of others.

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Additionally, I am a disabled veteran who understands physical and emotional pain. I understand how a person can reach the point of giving up because of the immense suffering brought forth by their health. I can comprehend sleepless nights, despair, and hopelessness. It is quite difficult for a person to function at optimum level because of sickness. My disability has often placed me at a vulnerable position in which I have frequently looked at those around me for help. Therefore, I profoundly recognize the concept of sickness and would like to provide my services to ease the pain of others. I want an opportunity to make other people feel whole again by providing my medical knowledge and expertise. I believe that everyone deserves an opportunity to enjoy a high quality of life. For this to happen, there is need for members of the society to extend their services in selfless ways. I have chosen the medical field because it is the most relatable to me. Being in the military taught me lessons that correlate to medical practice. For instance, I developed stamina, efficiency, discipline, and the inclination to go above and beyond my call of duty. Hence, I have faith that I will provide invaluable services that many people need in the society. The skills will be coupled with my disability that provides me with a sense of understanding that most patients often need.

I am an individual who values the concept of social justice that comes from my military exposure. My philosophy is that justice and equality are the foundations of a progressive and successful society. However, I have notices a pattern in which many people from underprivileged populations lack the access to quality healthcare. There are many people from disadvantaged communities who cannot afford decent care. They suffer from many curable or manageable diseases because they cannot access the simple care that most privileged individuals take for granted. During my service in the military, I traveled to some developing nations on peacekeeping missions. I saw firsthand the plight of people who have to walk many miles to find a doctor. My heart broke for parents who could not afford to pay a minimal fee to have their children examined for diseases such as malaria. I still reflect on these populations and compare them to the situation back at home. Most people at home remain oblivious to the fact that these issues are not confined to the developing world. They exist in this country because very few people have access to quality care. Therefore, I would like to extend my services to the communities that need them the most. I will focus my practice among low income populations as I strive to make a difference in the lives of people who are as vulnerable as I once was. I know that low income communities need medical services the most. While I may not be able to change their situation drastically, I intend to do everything in my power to ensure those I serve access quality care. The need for social justice and quality has placed a burden in my heart to attend medical school and be one of the people who help these beautiful communities.

As I wind up, I would like to quote from a speech that has always resonated with me and informed my decision to seek admission into medical school. The speech was given by a retired Navy captain known as Mike Mullen on the 27th of July 2007. In this speech, the former captain said," That is when you have to rely on your honor, your courage; your commitment-core values that guide us in the Navy, and resolutely, persistently, do the right thing." In this case, the Captain cited that the moments when one comes in contact with the worst aspects about humanity are what should guide their behavior. It is during these instances that one examines the concept of doing the right thing as part of their service in the military. I looked around me at the inconsistencies of humanity that include sickness, desperation, and despair and resorted to doing the right thing. Since I am a retired veteran, my idea of doing the right thing is continuing to make contributions to the society. I want to leave my mark through medical practice. I will be doing the right thing by serving humanity and reaching out to people who have long been forgotten. My service will include being providing one of the most fundamental needs of human beings today; healthcare. I do not look at medical school as a chore or burden that I have to carry out. Rather, I perceive it as a blessing to have the opportunity to change the lives of people who are otherwise suffering.


It is my hope that I will receive a chance to be part of the medical revolutions taking part in the society today. I have the zeal to help people and elevate their standards of living by providing a vital service. It will be my honor to serve the sick, the weak, and those who cannot access quality care because of their financial status. The first step to all of this is to gain admission into medical school. From there on, I will gladly begin my journey towards making my society a better place.

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