Why Colleges Shower Their Student's With A's? - Essay Sample

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Date:  2022-12-18


Brent Staples presents a deal whereby he states how the strength that money has led to overvalue of low-quality products as the legit products are overshadowed by these products that do not meet the required standards. In the argument, he compares the scenario to that of education in the current era. Things have changed unlike in the past whereby an educational score attained would not be contested; nowadays everything is contested with money being the key to every contest. The scores that are being attained nowadays are subject to the students and parents approval. If an instructor attempts to use verified methods to determine scores or fail to award high scores to the students, they face high scrutiny from both parties. University degrees and diplomas have just become a thing that everyone feels they have a right to have. The thirst to attain high scores has led both parents and students to use any means the make it happen. Any measure that is introduced to curb this cheating is highly watered down. The lecturers who attempt to present tough grading methods the table are criticized and also face possible poor ranking by the students. A lecturer is supposed to reward the student with a good grade and as a reward, they will be ranked highly by the student during evaluation hence fall for possible promotion and recognition in the institution which is good for their careers.

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According to Brent Staples, there is a deep feeling of consumerism in the institutions of higher which is seen to have had a devastating impact on the condition of education across the globe. colleges are now busy dishing out A grades to most of the students and in the process churning out have baked graduates in the process who have since flooded the job market. Brent falls of providing a tangible solution to this condition; there is lack of appropriate ways of controlling the aimless reward of grade 'A' by most colleges s this has gone to a large extent in diluting the quality of education across the globe.

Schools have not been left behind in the rush for grade A's. Grade inflation is in full gallop at every level (Brent Staples, 1998). Schools are rewarding students with high grades to attract other prospective students to the institution. They rank the students highly especially in the lowly contested subjects such as math's and sciences for them to continue offering the subjects in the institution. This is also for them to have a good average score to display to the public hence creating a good name for themselves and also avoid canceling of poorly performed subjects. Students and parents are now used to cheating hence the greatest fear is that people are already into the method making it extremely hard to drop it. The argument that grades are rising because students are better prepared is simply not convincing (Prof. Paul Korshin, 1998).


The above discussion describes the thirst for good grades that has been going on for a while in various institutions whereby people are so obsessed with grade A's hence willing to do anything to keep the current system that is encouraging fraud. It begs the question of whether could it be too late to stop now that most of us are completely into cheating.

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