What Were the Sociological Conditions of the Holocaust? Would Another Holocaust Be Possible Today?

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Date:  2022-07-16


The Holocaust is associated with some uniqueness and normality which is presented in the sociological concept. For instance, many sociologists and theorists have affirmed that the Holocaust cannot be compared to the lack of knowledge of the people who performed it in the olden days. This is because significant happenings of the Holocaust are directed towards the decision of the state to kill people based on their tribe (Little, 2018). The primary aim of this is to do away with a particular tribe which is termed as useless in the society.

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A dominant sociological condition of the Holocaust is the presence of hate. Besides science and technology, hate also contributed to the happening of the last holocaust. The presence of hate, however, makes it unique because it was not expected by many. Sociological theorists also argue that its uniqueness in the hate aspect was proven to have caused so many people to engage in immoral behaviors which meant that too many wrongs were involved (Levav, 2018). Additionally, many people took too long to realize that hate was amongst them and this lead to so many people dying as a consequence of the lack of knowledge.

Another sociological condition of why the Holocaust happened in the presence of a bureaucratic organization which hastened the killing of people as Nazi and Weber explain. The planned war however occurred because the genocide aspect had been given a purpose of approving it through unorthodox means which could not bring the war to an end (Little, 2018). Many institutions also gathered their organizational skills to pull up how the fight would occur so that they would be successful and achieve the primary aim of the war.

The affirmation of whether another holocaust would be possible today has not yet been laid down. This is because there are no apparent reasons or rather signs of any other holocaust. However, modern civilization is likely to bring in another holocaust especially in the form of purging of new policies which are technologically based. Also, the same can happen when there is a need to use science or instead technology to conduct killings of a particular tribe so that it does not exist in the future (Levav, 2018). Hence, it is now clear that a new holocaust could have the possibility of happening especially with the continued innovation and invention of more and advanced technological means.

Another fact which may contribute to the likelihood of the occurrence of another holocaust is the presence of some of the modern norms which have been currently implemented and developed. The previous one happened due to the same, so the presence of these norms could lead to a new one occurring. Furthermore, scientists still have a feeling that the previous holocaust quite failed especially with the means of how to stop it (Little, 2018). This is a force which is likely to lead to them developing more advanced methods of how a future holocaust could be stopped by all means.


The self-image of humanity has been neglected for so long, and this could contribute to the happening of a future holocaust. This is because many people still live in disbelief of how the previous holocaust ended up like. They keep on improving the efficiency of organizations so that they may achieve better results in the stoppage in case another holocaust occurred. Also, many plans that were underway to stop the previous holocaust did not go well, and this means that there could be a possibility of a next occurring due to its ease (Levav, 2018). The modern society seems to be quite ready to ensure that all possible ways of stopping the happening of a new one are achieved successfully. Hence, the sociological conditions are confirmed to have played a significant role in the incident of the war, and this is what led to its delay especially when some of the people tried to bring it to an end.


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