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The Canberra is the heart of Australia and houses one of the most sustainable environments in the World. Canberra, which is the capital city of Australia, is unique in quite several factors. These factors, which include easy accessibility, have made the city very easy and hospitable to live in. The city is characterized by preplanning just like Washington in the United States, thus making it one of the best places to live since most of the infrastructure had already been foreseen long before the city was built. Other factors that Canberra outstanding are excellent educational facilities that also offers accommodation for students who reside far from their respective institutions, secure connection due to well build infrastructure, one of the safest cities in the world, diversity in that it has accommodated thousands of foreigners, and finally is also one of the most affordable cities in the world (Rickwood & Williams, 2018). With all these facilities and services, Canberra stands out as a unique city with the most inclusive environment to provide a home for most people.

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Canberra is the capital city of Australia meaning many government services, as well as institutions, have been concentrated in the city thus making the city very comfortable for people who find themselves in need of such services (Territorio et al., 2017). In this essay, the writer aims at reflecting about several factors that make Canberra an inclusive city in that it can comfortably sustain anyone who decides to reside there regardless of where they come from. From the above statement, it is clear that Canberra is arguably one of the best places to be but is the city inclusive as it seems?

The question as to whether Canberra an all-inclusive city as history has said about it for decades? Canberra is the capital city of Australia and also one of the largest cities in Australia. Over the years, Canberra has stood out among other big cities such as Melbourne and Sydney in quite several ways. These include numerous services and resources that are accompanied to the city's reputation, thus explain why Canberra houses the highest number of foreigners around the globe (Brammer et al., 2016). One of the most binding factors for individuals across the world is education. Education is a key to life, especially in the current generation; thus, Canberra has been able to stand out with its numerous and excellent education platforms which offer quality education to learners around the globe. To make things even better for them and other residents, the city has cheap accommodation for learners and other residents, commuting is secure, and most importantly, security is assured in the city (Rickwood & Williams, 2018). It is also the capital city meaning most government offices and services are centralized in here thus easily accessible to many. Presence of many foreigners has also made the city a hub to numerous embassies. These services, among others, make Canberra an inclusive city to live.

Most cities in the world that offer ample accommodation to foreigners in the past have had numerous challenges, especially in terms of security. Security threats brought about by large accommodation of foreigners is severe in a way that some countries such as the United States have put in place robust measures such as selective passport issuing thus making it difficult for any individual to have access without thorough scrutiny. This has, however, not been in the case in Canberra despite the extensive accommodation services (Best & Colman, 2019). The city is a living proof that despite having many people who are not citizens of the country as residents, a city can still push through the circumstance thus all they need to do is have an effective system that governs the area.

The Canberra has a gigantic electric bicycle trip that begins at in Reconciliation Point, with accounts of Australia's First Nations people groups and their suffering associated with the nation. the best offer a short ride to the close-by National Portrait Gallery and High Court region, where the narrative of Australia is as yet unfurling as a few qualified aides will uncover en route. Riding along with parkland patios a rider's pedal helps the electric bicycle with better coasts you without any difficulty up the slope to Parliament House for staggering ridge vistas and a couple of anecdotes about what goes on inside "the huge house" as local people call it.

The Australian government is focused on developing Canberra into an organized and associated computerized city, through driving edge activities like the free WiFi network which s one of Australia's biggest free open-air open WiFi systems. This is an incorporated savvy stopping system as of now being trialed in one of our boutique shopping areas. The local Government's shrewd city program uses savvy associations, brilliant arrangement, and keen innovation to guarantee Canberra remains the world's most livable city. The Australian Government is n the process of building up a Smart City Strategy and we are looking for a contribution from over the network, business and scholastic areas on how we can utilize innovation, advanced stages and continuous information to drive better results for Canberra and our locale.

Freewheeling down the slope one is sure to take some lesser-known courses through side gardens and tree-lined streets to rise at the Australian sanctuary where you enjoy a short reprieve to encounter some epic outside workmanship. Visitors will figure out how the city was intended to fit into the encompassing scene. To finish one's circuit of the focal lake you one will head over Commonwealth Bridge to land at the Avenue of Flags. the 12-kilometer circuit of revelation finishes back at the beginning spot. With a lot of insider tips from your guide, you are presently more than prepared to appreciate a greater amount of the best the country's capital brings to the table.

Basic to the smart city development has always been the acknowledgment that the ACT must be n a position to grasp a computerized attitude and convey coordinated shrewd city activities; to guarantee networks and organizations approached advanced foundation and the aptitudes required to take an interest and contend in the learning and development economics. The Australian nation has just conveyed various computerized activities to natives, including its "advanced rucksack" for open optional students, which gives each a Chromebook just as access to instruction benefits through an online entrance. The ACT was additionally the primary purview in Australia to present enactment in help of the ride-sharing industry and has been logically bringing the administrations offered through its Access Canberra administration focuses on the web. Having the information lake set up has empowered the Canberra government to order various fruitful activities, including one for the Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate that is empowering an examination of conduits information progressively.


The discussion above has out lighted Canberra as one of the most outstanding cities in the world. The town boasts a lot of services and facilities that are unlikely found in other cities in the world at the same time. This has, however, not prevented the city from guarding its reputation. The city, as per the discussion continues to provide one of the most inclusive environments in the world. Environment, with the ability to host numerous activities at the same time without any signs of wavering. It is difficult for most cities to stand out in the same way that Canberra has over the years due to several challenges. In conclusion, we can say that Canberra is an inclusive city.


Canberra as per the above discussion is one of the most inclusive cities. It is not only the capital city of Australia but also sustains people from various parts of the world. The numerous educational platforms found in the town as well as accommodation facilities for the students have made it easy for most of them to settle upon advancing their careers in the city. The also provides a cost-effective lifestyle from cheap accommodation to numerous recreational facilities. The town has also stood out in terms of security in that it has one of the most guaranteed security states in the world. For a city to keep at per with such standards, it requires employing a competent and revolutionary administrative system. The nature of things changes rapidly; therefore, making changes inevitable. A city that was once one of the most stable environments may turn out to be different as the year's progress. It is therefore essential for the administration to keep in pace with the changes that occur and may be a threat to the city. This will help them in foreseeing dangers way before they are established.


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