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Date:  2022-11-11


Good teaching itself has gone through a trajectory of understanding the complex nature of student learning. Most teachers have a multi-layered approach of how they define and do teaching in the classroom. This explains why the personal philosophy among teachers differs even though they share common goals. The teaching methods and approaches in teaching are based on the codified set of rules and specialized knowledge of one's beliefs. However, attention is not only focused on the teacher's behaviors and characteristics but also to school leadership practices and student characteristics. Effective pedagogy can be outline through the principles such as the nature of student-teacher relationships, the nature of the curriculum, the societal values, and the wider policies linked to teacher professional development. Therefore, quality education can be achieved through deep leadership, deep support, deep experience, deep learning and deep structural pedagogical change in schools. This paper addresses the teaching approaches, methods, and techniques, class management, student engagement and motivation, class environment, and the use of technology in class.

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The entire purpose of good teaching is being able to create an environment where there open communication and where every student feel they are to communicate and engage with each other. This put students to be a lot more open and sharing because a more comfortable environment has been created. Through the use of learning aids and other mechanisms designed to help make learning more satisfying, efficient and effective while also connecting new ideas to old ones, and organizing and simplifying complex content. Building such an interaction creates attention and focus of students, which speed instruction, foster transfer, produce recall, and ease learning.

Students are sometimes similar based on their humanness but different in their cognitive potentialities and learning abilities, which affect their quality and pace of learning. The cognitive style of every individual is programmed in a way that relates to their social style. As long as teachers respect this aspect during the learning process, then learning becomes easy and practical. Teachers need to recognize student's differences, understand their language mastery and implement approaches that can accommodate their differences and consider each student as unique in their own way. For example, when working with students, the teacher needs to identify the different needs required by students in learning. Therefore, by first learning the needs of each student and creating culturally and linguistically rich learning environments, learning can be achieved effectively. Their motivation to learn is based on their desire to interact and communicate beyond the classroom. Constructing a learner-centered classroom where students are involved in the search for learning resources that can help them improve their professional and personal skills to facilitate a more meaningful form of learning.

In the class environment, teaching techniques such as role playing, field trips, demonstrations discussions, questioning, and inquiry learning can help vary teaching techniques in the classroom. To gain and maintain student's attention, it is important to vary instructional procedures. One way to teach a specific topic is by breaking up explanations including feedback, practice, and demonstrations. This is one of the variations that can keep any student's alert. Sometimes it is good to have the students discover a concept from the provided examples, sometimes explain the idea to students, and sometimes have students discuss among themselves the topic under study. Besides, it is good to have students work individually or in groups and use a series of short lectures followed by videos, intersperse short readings, exercises, and asking students to discuss critical points among themselves.

Reforming the new curriculum and the investment into the development of new curriculum is important in reforming student's thinking skills. Student's problem solving skills and thinking skills can achieved through the use of appropriate teaching approach. The main role and responsibility of the teacher is to give real help to students and help them learn. The primary role of a teacher planning a unit includes identifying critical concepts and ideas that can be well developed throughout the unit with the proper explanation of the importance of the material to the student's. By involving students to suggest the best units they believe needs to be studied, they will be able to develop a better understanding of the unit.

With the advent of technology in the 21st century, most teachers have access to computers in their classrooms. The role of teacher in e-learning has led to adaptations of new learning environments with more effective ways to motivate students. Technology has put students into the center of their learning through e-learning. E-learning is considered to be self regulated activities that allow students to be responsible into their learning and receive simple lectures such as presentations and tutorials. When teacher use e-learning techniques, students are more engaged in learning and listening, and engaged in activities such as writing, discussion, and reading. Using web-based technology and instructional tools to support the learning environment and understand the student's written and oral input in learning English s critical. The use of effective methods of e-learning increases and facilitates student participation and conversations in learning. In addition, technology is one of the motivation factors in the classroom. Just as motivation is a critical aspects in learning in face to face context, e-learning is also a motivational factor in online learning environment. E-learning gives students an opportunity to consider lesson materials relevant to their goals. Students may be more comfortable and confident when they are assigned their readings through e-learning system. These systems also satisfy student's user needs, which make it more beneficial to students. When teachers use an online learning system to develop and implement more educational teaching strategies, they will be able to monitor and improve students' performance in a number of ways. Therefore, in such an e-learning environment students are able to engage several cooperative and participate in learning opportunities.


Overall, the experience of teaching is based on the reflective learning methodology as the most appropriate and efficient of developing a culturally and linguistically learning environment. The teaching methods and approaches in teaching are based on the codified set of rules and specialized knowledge of one's beliefs. Good teaching involves teaching techniques and activities that require student's participation in learning activities, reacting to the learning experiences, and sharing equally with other learners. The teacher must engage and work with students as a friend, ensure the class environment is more comfortable and organize his lesson plans based on the curriculum and influence students through the use of different teaching methods. Teaching goals should also be based on the interests and needs of learners, while the teaching approaches should be carefully utilized to improve student's learning.

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