Surviving a Plane Crash Essay Example

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Date:  2022-09-22

Two weeks in the Rockies all alone after the plane crash!! Yes, that's true, two weeks all alone in a forest. I know it might seem like a folktale but this is a story of how I was able to survive two weeks in the Rockies of Hawaii after our plane had crashed and only three things kept me alive. Minutes after takeoff, I heard a loud explosion similar to that a car backfiring. The pane had jolted and I could smell awful smell of burning machinery. The coughing woke me up and the screams that seemed like a dream turned out to be a reality. Everybody was in the plane gasped and I could hear one or two people screaming. Before the plane could explode, I jumped out and only managed to take three things. On my right hand was a basket of food while on the left was a parachute that I took from my seat. In my pocket, I had my one and only favorite phone. This paper will narrate how these three things helped me survive in the rocky hills of Hawaii.

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When the plane was almost exploding, there is only one thing that came into my mind; food. One of the reason was that it was 2 pm in the afternoon and I had not had my lunch. Thank God there was a basket of food close to me which was easy to grab on jump out of the wrecked plane. Surprisingly, when I sat down to eat, I found that there were only two plates of rice and peanut butter. I had to come up with a plan to ensure that these two meals keep me surviving for as long as I could. I divided the rise into four portions. I took one porting hungrily. I kept the other three and told myself that would take one portion every day and hoping that after three or four days, someone would come looking for the plane. On the other hand, I planned on using the peanut butter as bait to trap some animals, whichever the kind.

Time was moving like a snail as it was indicted on my phone. What shocked me was that my battery life was almost dying. It clicked my mind that I had to something before the phone died. Immediately, I called my English teacher since she was involved in planning the trip. I got a cold foot when she did not peak my call. Maybe she was busy, I thought to myself. I switched off the phone to make it last. It was almost 6 in the evening. Clouds of rains were gathering as the forest became darker and darker every second. I stood up fast and took the parachute. I fixed four sticks to make a square. I took the parachute and hanged it on the four stocks. Wow, this is a nice tent, I told myself. At least I had a plane to lay my head for the night as I waited for a Good Samaritan or a savior. I could not sleep that not. Fear was my friend. I got several hallucinations; I could people calling my name from nowhere, I could the sounds of lions and buzzing of snakes. The night was long and cold.

The following morning, I took my phone switched it on and cold my teacher once more. Luckily, this time around, she picked the call and I told her everything. I could hear her worry right from where I was standing. She told me that news had reached her that a plane had crashed down but was yet to be found. She advised me to keep the phone on and not use it which would be used to track the location where the plane crashed. I did that. I set the peanut butter for trapping action. To cut the long story short, the peanut butter did not work. Days came and went, morning came, and darkness lasted longer, lost the count of days and lost hope. I had taken my last portion of rice previous day. The only thing that I was left with was the peanut butter. Who thought it would taste that sweet? From quarter a plate, my meal had reduced to one spoon of peanut butter a day.

My phone died and I could not contact my teacher or anybody else. I gave up waiting for someone to come my way. I took my last portion and decided that I would walk to any direction. My shoes were worn out, my feet were burning and clothes are worn out. I became weak and could not walk any longer. I lost consciousness. The only thing that I remember after that was falling to the ground in a thunder. Next, I had people talking around me. Was it a dream or I was still hallucinating? No, it was the reality. I saw my teacher standing in front of me. I was rescued at last. When is the time? Where did you take long? I asked my teacher. She said that they spent two weeks looking for me after they lost track of my phone.


In summation, I spend two weeks in the rocky hills of Hawaii after a plane I was in crashed. Only three things that kept me alive, a basket of rising, a parachute and a phone. These three things kept me moving for days until I was rescued.

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