What Is Annotated Bibliography and How It Is Written

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Date:  2021-03-24

Annotated bibliography is a record of citations to documents, books, and articles too. The citations are always followed by a summary of about hundred and fifty words with paragraphs that are evaluative and descriptive. Its primary purpose is to assure the reader whatever is written genuine and accurate, and the sources are cited for references. Annotations have additional information which includes the author's view and authority which makes unique.

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Contents of Annotated Bibliography

An example of annotated bibliography includes the source of the material used and is always placed above the explanations. The source includes the title of the book, journal, article or the website, the name of the author, the year the material was published, volume and number of pages. Below the source, there is the information got from the material and is starts with what the author was saying in his book, journal, article or what the website gives. The citations also are given in different styles of writing which are often specified to make the work look neat. If the sources to be used were many, that is when the citations are placed above each explanation to separate the work and all of them given later as references but when it is one the citation is given later as a reference.

Steps in writing Annotated bibliography

In writing annotated bibliography, one is required to have enough skills on the topic since it is not an easy task. Library research and being exposed concisely is also needed to boost the skills one has. The first step is finding the citations of the books and other materials that can be relevant in your topic of interest and after finding them one is supposed to record them.

The materials should contain useful information that can be needed in answering the questions on the topic. Search for and record as many materials as possible after which you will come to review them and take the most efficient ones on your topic. Cite the documents whether book or article according to the appropriate style. Lastly, write an annotation that gives a summary of the main theme of the topic article or the book including some sentences that may contain information about the author and his background. The review should also include information about the suitable audience of the annotated bibliography and its comparison with other work done before and how the work illuminates the topic of interest.

Key Things to Know In Order To Write a Good Bibliography

Writing a bibliography requires one to know the name of the author of the book or the material, the title of the material and date of its publication. The person should also know the place of publication of the book and the publishing company and the last information needed is the volume and the page numbers.

Looking For Help about Writing Annotated Bibliography Online

Writing help can be found online by searching the materials and knowing tips to make the writing easy. Once one has found the tips, they can write comfortably. Writing help online will include asking assistance from others who can help with the information online.

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