Wellness Education Program Proposal

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Date:  2022-11-17


Wellness education has become a vital part of the society where people want to stay healthy. Designing a wellness education can at times be a bit challenging and complex since it is expected to incorporate things such as culture, linguistics, and spiritual aspects. The other stage after designing the program is marketing them to the public and hoping that they will endorse it and keep practicing. Wellness is regarded as the point where individuals become aware of the choices that they are supposed to make life healthy and also fulfilling.

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Engaging in activities that promote is a gradual process that takes time to convince people to follow such practices. Healthcare professionals need to have skills that will enable them to address the health issues facing the members. The wellness program will be geared towards preventing various illnesses that may emerge among the elderly and especially the women in society. The program will put much emphasis on the importance of exercising and engaging in healthy practices as well as the impact of this behavioral change on their overall health. The wellness program wellness program designed will be used to offer education on wellness and health for the women who are elderly in Denver Colorado (Jahromi, Ramezanli & Taheri, 2015).

Principles and Concepts of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion

Disease prevention and health promotion are an essential aspect of human living that is required by everyone. A day cannot pass without hearing something to do with exercise for most of us. Because of a simple reason, exercise is probably one of the best tools we can use to handle obesity, diabetes, cancer among others. What confuses at times is, what exactly is the meaning of exercise? What should exactly the type of activities one engage? And how to set up an exercise plan that fits your age, level of fitness, schedule, and goals. Wellness plan will focus on different age groups. It will also explain the reasons for the variation of plans for the two groups.

Integrative medicine and preventive medicine are some of the strategies that will be applied to ensure that they have led to health promotion. Some of the practices include dietary guidance, the use of natural products, improved quality of sleep, lifestyle counseling, and stress management and mitigation techniques. These are among the primary prevention methods. The secondary methods of prevention that they will be taught in the program include lifestyle intervention and stress management interventions. On the tertiary prevention approaches, some of the strategies and method used will include risk reduction, symptom control, stress relief, and pain management among others.

Starting off the program will take into account various considerations like the level of expertise present, the financial support available, the willingness of the participants, and the location which will favor all the participants. A good number to start with will be 50 senior women on a program that is going to take about six months. During this period, there is a high likelihood that the lifestyle of the participants will have changed especially through the adoption of various healthy habits.

Considerations and Integration for Wellness Education Program

Cultural Considerations

Culture plays an important role in efforts to fully understand the people who will be assisted through this program. The elderly population is at a higher risk of diseases compared to the younger generation. Therefore, creating an awareness program based on the habits and practices that they can adapt to protect themselves from diseases will be a major milestone towards creating a healthy society. Leading a healthy lifestyle, exercising regularly, and adopting healthy eating habits is among the self-management medical approaches that result in a healthy life and significant elimination of diseases (Mendez-Luck, Bethel, Goins, Schure & McDermott, 2015).

In Denver, the program will lay down plans to establish a cultural change campaign that will target these individuals who are aged and in need of constant medical checkups. The program will also cater for activities that will influence the healthy choices that these aged women will be making regarding their health. The structuring of the program will also take into consideration various foods and healthy habits that are common in that region and incorporate it to assist in taking care of the aged women and giving them the desired health (Kampmeijer, Pavlova, Tambor, Golinowska & Groot, 2016).

Linguistic Consideration

Understanding the language of a region is the key factor in understanding the overall culture of the people. This move will ensure that things like the language barriers have been eliminated and the targeted population is able to understand the significance and the objective of that particular initiative. Language is important in making sure that people have gained access to quality health services, especially in a diverse society. Wellness program needs to be communicated properly for the people to fully adopt it and believe that it brings about the needed changes. Cases of language barrier should be fully eliminated. Further, efforts should be made to ensure that there is no miscommunication. In cases where the older adults have hearing problems, they should be assisted with hearing aids. Most of the concepts should also be communicated in layman language to ensure that cases of miscommunication during their wellness training.

CAM Integration

Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) practices play an important role in wellness promotion. Integrating this approach into the wellness program will help in disease prevention and other services that are effective in addressing some illnesses that may emerge. Integrating CAM in the wellness program is likely to be a safer and effective approach that will favor the aged women.

Traditional Medicine

Traditional medicine is regarded as the beliefs, skills, theories, and practices that were utilized by different cultures in treating various illnesses. Most of the participants will also have ideas on the practices from their individual's cultures that have worked well in ensuring that they have remained healthy. Integration of the traditional medicine in the wellness program is important since it will ensure that the participants fully buy-in into the idea and the benefits that are likely to be obtained from the program. The people will also be encouraged that some of these traditional practices are still beneficial and they are going to change their lives.

Holistic Health

The integration of holistic health view is important for any successful wellness program. A holistic approach focuses on wellbeing as an amalgamation of physical, spiritual, and mental health. The approach is likely to positively impact the program in creating an environment that will lead to the improvement of the health of these aged women. The emphasis that the program will put on exercise, stress management, diet, and environmental processes to undertake is hugely part of the holistic approach.


Spirituality is another aspect that will be incorporated into the wellness program. Some of the spiritual practices that the program will adopt include the benefits of meditation and how incorporating it in practice is likely to lead to health promotion an elimination of stress among others.

Ethical, Legal, and Economic Factors in Diverse Population

Ethical Principles That May Affect Health Promotion and Preventive Care

The execution of the program is likely to be in strict adherence of the ethic. The primary objective will be to ensure that the program has succeeded in health promotion and necessitating preventive care. The privacy of the participants will be guaranteed. The program will also make sure that there is fairness in the manner in which all people will be treated in order to uphold high standards of ethics.

Effects of Local Laws, Federal Laws, an Affordable Care Act on the Wellbeing Program

The wellness program will require the observance of the local laws, federal laws and also the ACA. Proper licenses will be obtained from the local authorities in Denver to permit the rolling out of the program. The program will work in close collaboration with the healthcare sector to ensure that ACA has been observed. Finally, federal laws like the protection of the privacy of the participants will be observed.

Economic Impact of Clinical Prevention and Health Promotion

The program is expected to have a significant impact economically. The program will serve as a cost-saving tool for older women since the hospital admissions and other illnesses are likely to be reduced significantly. The success of the program can also lead to the cutting of the treatment costs for the elderly provided they will adopt these healthy habits.

Marketing the Program to the Public

Elderly women in society are a population that tends to be neglected at many times. However, with this program, this occurrence is likely to change significantly. The wellness education program will be marketed through television and other publication media. Further, health promotion will be conducted in Denver and other neighboring regions to get more people to join the program.


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