Use of the Ethos and Pathos in Advertising Essay

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Date:  2022-03-29

Marketing refers to the process through which potential customers, as well as clients, are lured into buying given products and services. Marketing cannot be regarded as complete without following the process which incorporates research, promotion, selling, and distribution. Understanding the market where to sell the products and services requires every stage of the process. The success of every marketing strategy will require the full implementation of the marketing process and the concentration on the key components of the marketing plan which are the products and services, promotion, distribution, and pricing (Armstrong et al. 201). Thus, every marketing channel must always focus on the process and the key components to attract and retain their customers.

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The concept of marketing requires the organization to anticipate the needs as well as wants of their customers. Through this process, the needs of these customers are satisfied in a complete way than their competitors. Thus, marketing concept must incorporate the needs, wants, and the demands of the customers. Most of the marketing strategies used to incorporate the audio, visual, and audiovisual means. The visual means which incorporates the infographics has been regarded as one of the most compelling advertising media. The infographics can be used to communicate complex data in the visual formats which can quickly go viral, reaching a larger audience as a result (Armstrong et al. 165). The use of infographics enables the marketing team to incorporate deep data which are presented to the audience in visual shorthand. The New Axe Excite ad makes use of the infographics to unveil the product to the customers. The ad is appropriate for the modern campaign means which are largely done via the social media channels. Today, with the technological advancements, most of the individuals prefer visual learning than the audio. In this era, the brain tends to conceive much information which is visual as they tend to be more persuasive than the audio content.

The choice of the new axe excite was based on the psychological resonance the customers make with its content type. The image used is of high quality as well as contextually relevant. The use of this image in marketing the new axe excite is essential due to the lower attention spans aided by the oversaturation of digital contents in the digital marketing avenues. The digital marketing platforms have also put much focus on the mobile phone devices with smaller screens which cannot fit much text content. Most of the devices used to access the internet today are the mobile phones which present big blocks of texts with varying off-putting (Chaffey, Dave, and Fiona 231). Thus, the use of original images incorporated with a sense of humor containing the pictures of furniture which people associate with such as the broken bed is the preferable means of getting the attention of the customer base thus adding the much-needed touch to the campaign. The largest target consumers of this product which are the youth gets excited by such funny images. Therefore, the unique and captive nature of this image used in the New Axe Excite is on point and will surely trend.

Today, the major social networks such as Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram, which doubles up as the largest digital marketing platforms stresses the importance of the visual content in the ads (Chaffey, Dave, and Fiona 171). The use of images in these platforms have been applauded as the most powerful tools for any brand, such as Axe, that is looking to get the attention of their customers. The recent marketing statistics also demonstrate a positive impact of the visual content on the digital marketing funnel which includes the awareness creation, engagement, and conversions (Mawhinney, 1).

The ad makes use of the ethos and pathos from the artist proofs of Aristotle. Ethos, which is concerned with convincing the audience of the credibility of the character, has been meticulously implemented in the ad through the use of an open roof and a broken bed (Braet 308). These objects in the ad points to the slogan of the New Axe Excite which states that "Even the angels will fall." The angels are believed to be the invisible supernatural beings with wings who live in the sky. Thus, the open roof, the feathers, and the broken bed is a sign of a fallen angel. Pathos which refers to convincing the audience through the use of emotional has been implemented in the ad by the mention of the falling angels. It is believed that the angels, who are supernatural beings are usually out of reach for any regular individual. And, anything that invokes them to get their attention must be top notch. The belief and the association of angels with axe can attract a large base of believers to purchase the products. Master narrative, which describes the story of events, has also been incorporated in the ad through the use of an open roof, flying feathers, and a broken bed. These conditions vividly describe the story of the angel falling and the resulting impact.

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