Multichannel Digital Marketing for Nike Paper Example

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The emergence of the internet and social media platforms have tremendously changed the way things are carried in different sectors especially through digital marketing. The two digital growths have played an essential role to improve how people consume products and services, communicate and lead their lives. Currently, the situation is different as businesses are utilizing multiple channels simultaneously to market products and services. The multichannel digital strategy entails combining various channels that are used to reach the consumer most appropriately in the digital era. The multichannel strategy offers clients a choice allowing them to purchase products they require and desire through the use of digital marketing channels. The presentation will focus on the multichannel digital marketing utilized by Nike. In the sportswear sector, Nike is among the topic brands in the industry conducting its operations around the world. The main competitor of Nike in the market are Adidas, Puma, and Reebok. Current channel that is utilized by Nike is various social media sites and its social network app called Nike+. The following paper will explore a multichannel digital strategy for Nike and the way the company has utilized the method to reach its target consumer for its products all over the world.

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Nike Brand Multichannel Digital Campaign

Nike has been among the widely recognized sportswear brands in the world. It makes proper utilization of multichannel marketing strategy to engage its customers. Its campaign of Just Do It that was started almost three decades ago is an example of a myriad of ways that a corporation can tell the story of their products in the form of communication and content strategy (Mahdi, Abbas, and George, 2015, p. 170). The marketing model of Nike is supported by its brilliant and effective advertisements and digital marketing strategy. Based on the image of the brand, it shows something more profound from the successful application of classical digital marketing strategies. Nike is a reflection of the right content marketing strategy using multichannel platforms (Albanese & Manning, 2016, p. 57). Thus, Nike marketing reflects a real success story that is based on promoting customer values.

Nike Target Customers

Compared to the past, brands such as Nike are now interacting with the consumers across an array of channels that offers the company an opportunity to engage appropriately through various stages of the client journey. The need for integrated marketing is paramount on the digital era (Kotler, Kartajaya & Setiawan, 2017, p. 29). Nike utilizes multichannel marketing effectively since it is aware of its target audience. Thus, it chooses channels that are more popular to the potential customers it is targeting. Nike has focused on its core messaging to ensure that its marketing sticks on the mind of its customers. Thus, it made its marketing campaign message to be reliable and consistent with creating a brand voice that resonates with the customers. Therefore, Nike has been able to establish a brand personality that connects with the audience by creating a consistent and identifiable message across its various marketing channels.

Nike Competitors

Nike utilizes digital marketing in promoting its business and products while keeping in mind its competitors. The major competitors for Nike are Puma, Reebok, and Adidas, and they have similar products in the market. To maintain a competitive advantage Nike takes into considerations various strategic plans such as directing marketing that allows the company to promote its products in the market and strengthen its brand image. Also, to stay ahead of its competitors, the core of its marketing strategy is innovation. Development of innovative products has allowed the Nike brand to be leading through catching the attention of its customers (Mahdi, Abbas and George, 2015, p.168). To cope up with the continually changing world and arising of new demands, the company focuses on being close to the existing marketing. Therefore, Nike has maintained its competitive advantage by staying ahead of other brands through innovative products and services.

Nike Current Channel Usage

Nike has successfully shifted to digital marketing channels such as social media sites and its social network called Nike+. Through using multiple social channels, Nike has placed more emphasizes on the creation of content that promotes the benefits of its products instead of features. The use of various channels has allowed Nike to create an online community that will enable it to follow its customers carefully to establish a relationship that will lead to long-term engagement. The current channel used by Nike has allowed the company to capture the importance of big data and move forward. Also, managing its social media marketing in-house and not relying on various digital advertising agencies has ensured the company is able to get closer to its customers. The company's internal social media and digital marketing are managed from its Portland, Oregon headquarters that handles its online communities (Mahdi, A., Abbas, M., and George, S.A., 2015, p. 174).

Research and Analysis

The multichannel digital marketing campaign for Nike will allow utilizing of online channels to target and engage with its customers. The goal of the campaign is to attract older customers to using the Nike brand. The campaign will be branded as age doesn't matter, and the hashtag that will be used on social media sites is just do it. Its goal is to create a campaign that will attract older adults that are aged above 50 years to motivate these individuals to participate in a new fitness program powered by Nike. The perfect slogan that will summarize the idea behind the campaign of age doesn't matter, just do it will capture the attention of the target group. Thus, based on the slogan it will motivate these individuals to participate in the program to maintain their fitness.

Each campaign that is started by Nike aims at telling a different story that will take its customers experience to another level. The story behind age doesn't matter campaign is to promote older people to join a fitness program that will assist them in staying physically fit and healthy. Thus, the campaign will be crafted carefully to evoke a certain feeling to the older customers that will make them have a meaningful approach to marketing the program. Unlike other campaigns that emphasize on athletes that are already accomplished, the idea behind the plan is encouraging older people to become better versions of themselves through a fitness program. In the last few years, the market for athlete and sporting goods manufacturing is on the decline due to modest growth in the sports participation rate (Rizwan and Hina, 2016, p. 4). Therefore, it will encourage the target audience to start a fitness journey by moving out of their comfort zone. Nike can utilize multiple channels to encourage these individuals to share their experience on social media.

The iconic slogan on the campaign that age doesn't matter will resonate with every older individual. Campaigns sponsored by Nike can connect with individuals around the globe, which allows each person to come up with their interpretation of the message (Rizwan and Hina, 2016, p. 5). Thus, it fosters a relationship between the brand and its customers. The campaign is going to be actionable and will have the ability to speak to the older people at an individual level. The catchphrase that is promoted from the fitness world to everyday life will be a personal mantra that allows people to grow physically through maintaining their shape and physical ability.

Multichannel marketing will allow Nike to increase sales of its products to the audience it is targeting on the market. The multichannel digital marketing aims to define a strategy and campaign that will ensure the business achieves its target sales (Chaffey and Smith, 2017, p. 56). An effective multichannel marketing strategy outlines the marketing communication techniques and channels needed to allow customer acquisition of certain products. Therefore, a multichannel marketing plan that connects multiple channels will ensure company's such as Nike thrive in selling their products.

Contemporary Digital Marketing Methods

In the contemporary world, digital marketing has reached a remarkable peak by eliminating traditional marketing approaches. The success of any business organization will widely depend on the type of digital marketing strategy it adopts to gain higher sales, attract new customers and achieve long-term growth (Ryan & Jones, 2012, p. 18). Therefore, to ensure that the digital marketing campaign on the new plan is successful, it will be important for Nike to take into consideration the method it will use. The success of age doesn't matter campaign will be assisted tremendously by a digital marketing strategy that Nike is going to adopt. Also, the strategy adopted by the company needs to focus more on fulfilling the needs of the customers by offering products and services that are of high quality. Therefore, the company should keep in mind the needs of the customers while it is building the online presence and developing the product.

Social Media

Social media is among the leading digital marketing methods in the contemporary world. Using various social media channels, Nike will have the ability to increase the exposure and traffic of the campaign to ensure more individuals join the fitness program. In the current day, almost every individual and business have a social media accounts especially the widely used platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked or Tumblr. Therefore, for Nike to utilize its social media presence properly to promote the campaign, there is a need to ensure the continued creation of content. In social media, content is the background that offers new relevant information daily for the business customers to consume (Icha and Agwu, 2015, p. 3). A proper social media campaign by Nike on age doesn't matter, audience engagement will ensure that more older individuals sign up for the program. Engagement of Nike with its target audience will be viewed as friendly and responsive that forms a positive perception leading to more people joining the program.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is another marketing strategy method that Nike can utilize to promote its marketing campaign on age doesn't matter to motivate more individuals from joining. SEO will make Nike web pages on the campaign to be easily identified by users hoping to join the program, and it ensures easier crawling and categorizing of the content. In any digital marketing strategy, SEO is integral, and it is concerned with a holistic approach that aims to drive the customers to the business using online platforms (Pawar, 2014, p. 6). In the marketing campaign, SEO will assist Nike to attract high-value visitors that has interest in joining the program. In comparison to social media marketing, SEO offers the company a good return on investment. Therefore, Nike is going to benefit from the contemporary trend in SEO such as optimizing a webpage and search engine marketing to raise awareness to the target audience. Digital marketing that is solid and SEO strategy in place can be enhanced to promote the campaign by choosing the right keyword phrases.

Display Advertising

Display advertising is another digital marketing method that Nike can use to promote and raise its awareness on the age doesn't matter campaign to the older individuals. The success of display advertising in marketing is based on identifying the rig...

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