Paper on Technology's Detrimental Effects on Social Development of Children

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Date:  2023-08-29


Technology has brought about numerous detrimental effects on the social development of children in modern days. The impact of the use of the internet, social media texting, and the use of mobile phones has been immense in the recent past. This study aims to come out with findings on the negative effects which the use of technology has brought in the lives of children and young adults. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to research and highlight these effects to enable concerned parties to understand their impact on children’s development. It also proposes on measures that should be undertaken to mitigate such effects, protect children from risks of the use of technology, as well as promote positive habits regarding internet use and other technologies.

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Annotated bibliography

The following authors and panelists have provided various views and findings in their books and publications. I have used some of their ideas to carry out extensive and informative research on the above topic.

Adler, R. (1977). Research on the Effects of Television Advertising on Children: A Review of the Literature and Recommendations for Future Research: Report Prepared for National Science Foundation, Research Applications Directorate, RANN--Research Applied to National Needs, Division of Advanced Productivity Research and Technology. NSF.

Adler gives details on the effects of television advertising on children of young age and their impact on their development. He highlights how the consequences can be avoided to reduce the adverse effects of advertising on young children.

Fisher, E. (2013). From Cyber Bullying to Cyber Coping: The Misuse of Mobile Technology and Social Media and Their Effects on People's Lives. Business and Economic Research, 3(2), 127-145.

Fisher provides a broad overview of problems associated with mobile phone technology and their impact on modern society. He also gives a comprehensive overview of cyberbullying and its effects on social wellbeing.

Farber, B. A., Shafron, G., Hamadani, J., Wald, E., & Nitzburg, G. (2012). Children, technology, problems, and preferences. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 68(11), 1225-1229.

The authors give an overview of the content that is appropriate for viewing at different ages to enable better and positive development of young people and to promote audience censoring of material for viewing for different periods of children and young adults.

Mahroof, K., Weerakkody, V., Onkal, D., & Hussain, Z. (2018). Technology as a disruptive agent: Intergenerational perspectives. Information Systems Frontiers, 1-22.

The authors of this article give a general overview of the adverse effects of technology in general: the social and economic impacts of information technology on society.

McLoyd, V. C. (1998). Socioeconomic disadvantage and child development. American psychologist, 53(2), 185.

McLoyd gives factual well-detailed research on the effects of Socioeconomic disadvantages in child development. He highlights the difficulties modern technologies have brought to the young generation and proposes on ays the impact of these disadvantages can be reduced or mitigated to promote better child and young adult and development.

Punamäki, R. L., Wallenius, M., Nygård, C. H., Saarni, L., & Rimpelä, A. (2007). Use of information and communication technology (ICT) and perceived health in adolescence: the role of sleeping habits and waking-time tiredness. Journal of youth, 30(4), 569-585.

The authors have highlighted the health risks associated with the continued excessive use of visual technologies by adolescents and their impacts. However, remedies have been provided to reduce and eradicate such chances for the wellbeing and better development of the young generation.

Preston, C. (2004). Children's advertising: the ethics of economic socialization. International Journal of Consumer Studies, 28(4), 364-370.

Preston is a young generation enthusiast whose field of prominence is in early childhood career development and championing of children’s rights. He aims to show how children can use technology to their advantage to develop careers and balance with their social lives. The main focus lies on how young people can use technology positively and build better characters in young people.

Subrahmanyam, K., Greenfield, P., Kraut, R., & Gross, E. (2001). The impact of computer use on children's and adolescents' development. Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology, 22(1), 7-30.

The authors provide a broad overview of the impact of computer use, and other visual media have on the behavior of young adults. This journal presents the nature in which these effects have impacted society and how social bonds of young people have weakened over time.

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