U.S. on Spotlight over Immigration Reforms. Essay Example

Date:  2021-03-29 03:12:03
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This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.
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This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

The American immigration has been proved broken where President Obama calls for lawmakers to help revive the broken system. Although he acknowledges that America has become unique due to the presence of many people migration into her territories, he as well accepts the loopholes in the system that have made illegal immigration easy. Immigration reforms seek to raise some penalties counter to traffic, reinforce border safety and initiate a passageway for grossed citizenship. The increased pressure of the available resources has called for fresh thinking where those who are found within the U.S. territorial boundaries without authorization will be forced to pay taxes, fines and wait until a chance for citizenship accrues through legislation. Reforming the system allows for the opportunity to lock out employees who game the system to hire ill-documented workers (Whitehouse.gov, 2014).Key arguments on immigration restriction

President Obama in the bill towards reforms he gives the tools that legislators need to strengthen border security. Safety from crime, technological and infrastructural enhancements, enhance the countrys ability to eradicate criminals offering no haven for them thus prosecution of a threat to domestic security. In the view created through the proposal, sealing avenues of illegal border immigration from which those trying the illegal immigration being caught and sent back. On account of public safety, Felons will be deported other than their families in a zeal to help promote national security. The President offered a directive to the immigration enforcement tools to expel any person suspected of membership to a gang, terror groups and terrorism, violence related criminals with priorities channeled border crossers on the top deportation list. They liken providing a path to citizenship to immigrants to the provision of amnesty to lawbreakers (Miranda, 2010).

Values cultivated by those in need of immigration reforms and those supporting immigration

The policies have their aim on the minority, marginalized and the needy in the society towards alleviating their standard of living. Accountability of individual actions, as well respect for the law proves some of the values that immigration reforms seek to cultivate in public. Promotion of a sense of togetherness, patriotism and responsibility that comes with a payment of taxes that warrant provision of services. The respect for taxation closes the gap that many employers used to hire workers in possession of illegal documents hence provide a chance for tax evasion. Without immigration reforms, many families remain at disintegration risk. Those supporting immigration channel socialization and respect for territorial divisions as well as the adoption of globalization provisions. Also, the illegal practices encourage disrespect of law and nations independence.

Arguments for immigration into U.S. and the pathway for undocumented people

A path to citizenship should exist from which the undocumented people receive citizenship through a legalized manner upon payment of taxes and fines. Including President Obama who has been categorized as an immigrant, they view it to be humane for the immigration department to provide them with legal formalities that will provide a chance for legalization. On the same account arguments have it that America should be left open for the world like it was for the present generations ancestors so that undocumented people can earn legal justification for citizenship (House, 2013).

Policies on immigration over the last ten years

The Ghetto middle-class public policies that aim at increasing access to social services. The 2013 bipartisan legislation plan that got passed by the Senate becomes another example of policies on immigration enacted. The dream act on the same account qualifies to be a practical action on immigration policy passed that will allow students who grew in the U.S. a chance to serve the nation in the armed forces or institutions of higher learning. The legislation proves beneficial to the economy, security and the country at large (Wilson, 2012).


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