Paper Example on Sexual Harassment in Business: Quid Pro Harassment

Paper Type:  Questions & Answers
Pages:  3
Wordcount:  628 Words
Date:  2023-02-20

Question 1

Yes, sexual advances made by a superior to a subordinate always constitute harassment. It is one of the forms of sexual harassment in the business known as quid pro. Sexual advances are unethical in any business environment. Examples of sexual advances include kissing, hugging, and inappropriate touching when the other party is unwilling. Sexual behaviors can negatively interfere with the employee's performance. Therefore, strategies and policies can be used in business to end this form of harassment. The victim of sexual harassment can try to stop the act by himself or report the superior to the authorities.

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Question 2

Information gathered online can be very crucial when making hiring decisions. The company can victimize employees who post information on their Facebook page that act as disloyal to the business. Complaining about long working hours and unfavorable working environments can lead to the firing of the employer, as this can ruin the reputation of the company; therefore, both employers and employees should be compassionate about what they post on Facebook. Employers have a right to demand access to employee's Facebook account where necessary.

Question 3

The main ethical issue in this case study is sexual abuse through nonconventional sexual behaviors e.g., wife swapping; teacher Pettit was performing well in her career; she and her husband were involved in nonconventional sexual behaviors. Together with her husband took it to discuss media. They also joined a private club in Los Angelo. They would spend time in the club partying and displaying inappropriate sexual behaviors. Later she landed in police custody and was charged with oral copulation.

The ethical course of action could be to dismiss Mrs. Pettit from her teaching career, teachers are supposed to be role models to pupils so the fact that she was already displaying immoral sexual activities by discussing the topic openly in a television interview and displaying in the clubs, she would not be an excellent example to her pupils. They might copy her uncouth behavior. Therefore, dismissal from service could be the best.

Discussion 4

I have encountered a dilemma at my working place, which required me to make a decision on whether to accept a deal to fraud the company or otherwise. I was presented with documents that include project reports that have been prepared by my teammates to sign and approve that a certain amount of money was spent on a nonexistent project.

At this point I was torn between accepting to sign the report or decline to sign the report. The amount involved in the deal was exciting and I was tempted to play along but my conscience could not allow me. Besides, the act was against my professional code of ethics. I realized that accepting to play along with my teammates will lead to reaping illegitimate money from my employer. On the other hand, declining the offer will not only offend my friends but also compel me to report the case to the authorities and be a witness against my peers.

After a few minutes of thinking, it was almost approaching lunch break and so I asked them to let me sign the reports after the lunch hour, which they accepted. I thought that asking them to accompany me to the next restaurant could be a good idea in that; I could find time to talk with them more about the deal and make up my mind. While at the restaurant, I managed to convince them otherwise, and we canceled the deal. Although one of them was angry with me and threatened to shun our friendship. Fortunately, later on, a fraud scandal was discovered, and a few employees lost their jobs and were taken to court. This was a lesson to us and we vow never to be involved in fraud activities.

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