U.S. Government's Role in Improving Citizen Health Conditions - Research Paper

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The health conditions of the citizens are one of the critical areas that the U.S. government is mainly focused on. Achieving sustainable healthcare in society is likely to improve the standards of living of the people in the community. The effect of poor health standards in an economy is likely affecting economic performance as well. Therefore, the Obamas government played a significant role in ensuring that the health conditions of the citizens were improved through the implementation of policies and strategies to improve the field.

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Healthcare in the United States is not sufficient, and thus there exists a specific population that is most affected in terms of their health condition. Healthcare is a significant issue for the residents in the United States since it guarantees that both poor people and the productive approach of reasonable healthcare.

The consistent consideration unit is an advantage to the workers as they wind up paying less for healthcare benefits over the area. Therapeutic services are among the most basic territory that each nation is centered around to guarantee that its residents approach quality and moderate human services.

The United States is among the best economies portrayed by appropriate healthcare frameworks. In any case, despite the elevated level norms that the nation has kept up as far as social insurance, it is evident that few difficulties are being experienced and should be tended to. One, it is essential that the attendant patient relationship is improved later on.

The Main Policies of the Affordable Care Act (ACA)

One of the policies associated with the Affordable Care Act is implementing reforms in the private insurance market. For a long time, there have been challenges associated with the health insurance that patients buy on several companies. Some of these policies have not been very instrumental in impacting the health financials of the citizens.

In most cases, many of these individuals have ended up paying more for the services hence raising many questions on the role of the insurance policies offered to customers (Hess et al., 2014). The ACA intends to bring in new regulations that will ensure that low and middle-income families are not affected when it comes to offsetting their medical bills. In this case, the insurance companies are expected

A decent plan of the framework considers equality among those that need the administration. Equality infers that the people have equivalent odds of accessing the healthcare frameworks (Shaffer, 2013). Additionally, there is a requirement for the medicinal services framework to think about moral contemplations in the conveyance of administration.

Morals are significant because the effectiveness of administration will, in general, increment as the specialists watch the laws and regulations that administer their work. The essential objectives of a two-layered wellbeing framework are to guarantee both physical and mental soundness among the patients. Along these lines, a two-layered medicinal services framework configuration can be utilized to guarantee the general public is outfitted with better social insurance frameworks.

Giving a protection policy that covers patients is fundamental in a two-level human services framework (Shaffer, 2013). As a rule, individuals think that it's hard to death with sound funds. For instance, patients that experience the ill effects of constant ailments like malignant growth may encounter monetary obstacles considering the pressure that could hinder them from getting to persistent clinical consideration. It is thus that guaranteeing that patients are secured will lessen the instances of expanded passing that are credited to the wastefulness in the healthcare frameworks. This is probably going to blend the medicinal services framework by empowering equality to wellbeing administrations.

The gap between older adults and the youthful are progressively developing in society. Access to better human services among the older individuals in the society will, in general, stay a test (Hess et al.,2014). The older individuals do not concur with the better human services that they are out of luck. By and large, such people need to take themselves to emergency clinics in remote areas henceforth, expanding the pressure that they experience. In this way, there is a need to battle for decency for the old who will, in general, be minimized in the instances of social insurance. Significantly, delegates of the old age are considered to empower their complaints to be considered on fairgrounds.

The discovery of Brain Death (B.D.) was made autonomously. In any case, there have been accepting that brain advancement developed for motivations behind organ transplants. This was after the kidney transplant was fruitful among people, and in this manner, specialists set out to lead medical procedures on a dead individual to give someone else the brain. In this manner, the thought process in the idea of Brain Death can be viewed as free along these lines, and its improvement can be viewed as autonomous. Fundamentally, brain death alludes to the irreversible oblivious condition that a patient may be.

Specialists in the United States have the command to determine patients to have brain death if the patient can't recapture their cognizance (Hess et al.,2014). This is typically guided by the Death Act that is utilized as a wellspring of reference to decide the measures that ought to be considered before a patient has been diagnosing with death. In any case, the demonstration doesn't expand on the rules that ought to be viewed as when making the analysis. Then again, autonomous wellbeing bodies have thought of a convention that should be followed when making the determination. This suggests brain death has become a meaning of death in the United States of America.

The Main Arguments From KFF Website

The Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) is a non-profit organization that mainly focuses on health issues affecting citizens in the United States. The organizations dealing with media factors and conducts research specifically on some of the things that need to be conducted to improve the health conditions of the population (KimbroughMelton, 2013). The organization has impacted on a wider population through the various initiatives that it has been able to ensure that they are implemented.

One of the points that have been listed on the website is on global health facts. The website focuses on the existing disparities that prevail in the world in terms of health conditions. This implies that the state of health varies in terms of social-economic disparities. This provides data on some of the common challenges that are being faced by countries (Hess et al., 2014).

For example, the issue of mortality death tends to increase across countries depending on the levels of development. This implies that health has not been offered a higher priority than other sectors in the economy. The workload in the economy is often affected when the health conditions of the citizens are greatly affected. In the long-run, the foundation asserts that the need for implementation of better measures will help resolve the health challenges that the world is facing.

Another argument that is provided on the website is on the health facts that prevail in the United States. This refers to the information of health status that individuals are expected to know. For example, the foundation lists some of the common health disorders that are affecting many individuals in society (Protection & Act, 2010).

Also, the foundation claims that the elderly are among the largest population of individuals that are being affected by most illnesses. Recently, the website has shared a variety of information that is related to the current COVID - 19 pandemics that are affecting the whole world. Figures of the extent of the disease in the U.S. have been shared across the website to ensure that the public is informed. Besides, the foundation offers the public with critical information on what they are expected to do in ensuring that they can prevent its spread. The management believes that the government should intensify its support on health matters to ensure that individuals can lead a comfortable life that is free from illness.

Trump Administration Policies to Replace Obama Care

Obama care played a significant role in ensuring that the health status of the people has been improved in society. A number of policies were implemented by the previous government that improved the health sector by a wider margin. However, the Trump administration has introduced a number of changes that have brought new regulations in the ACA.

Individual Mandate Eliminated - This was a policy under Obama care that required every individual in the society to take a health insurance policy or pay the penalty. The motive of this law was to ensure that a high number of people subscribed to the insurance policies to ensure that risks were pooled together (Protection & Act, 2010). This would create a large amount of income collected; hence the premiums would lower as well. In the end, most individuals would receive proper and affordable healthcare.

However, the decision to abolish the platform still makes it difficult for U.S. citizens to cope with the harsh economic times as insurance premiums continue to increase. This has led to the rise of several lawsuits against the ACA, where individuals feel that they were compelled to the initiative and thus want a refund.

No more cost-sharing subsidies - this refers to payments that were made towards the insurance companies by the federal government as a source of motivation for them to stay with the ACA and as a way of lowering the premium rates. Trump administration that the money was being paid but did not help the citizens but was channeled back to the pockets of politicians and insurance companies. On the other hand, the insurance companies had to continue to offer subsidies to the low-income earners in order to motivate them to take the policies.

Reduction of Drug Prices - This move was reached to ensure that the hospitals were able to supply drugs to the patients as a way of improving healthcare (Khan et al.,2018). This has dramatically impacted the lives of many individuals, as the price of medication has been reduced. Indeed, society has greatly benefitted from this move by the administration, and even the low-income earners have been able to have access to proper medication.

Summary of Plans From KFF

The KFF plans to remain as an advisor of health matters in the market through media communication and research. The organization intends to carry out extensive research on health issues that are affecting the U.S. system and coming up with policies that will help offer long-term solutions (Hess et al.). Besides, the organizations concerned with insurance companies operating in the market by trying to ensure that there is harmonization in terms of the premiums that are being paid by the citizens. Also, the organization plans to impact the ACA by providing it with critical information and funds that will help them in dealing with a variety of challenges that are being experienced in the market.

Pros and Cons Associated With ACA

There are several advantages associated with the operations of ACA in the market. First, the concept of introduction of subsidies in the market aids the U.S. citizen's top part with a less amount when offsetting their insurance policies (Hess et al.,). This has encouraged many individuals to take covers that have helped in improving the health conditions in the country.

Medicaid has been extended to cover the poor in America. This has help...

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