US Civil War in Comparison with Rhodesian Bush War

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Date:  2021-03-13

The US civil war began in 1861 and went on ahead up to 1865; the four-year civil war saw to it that many nations seceded from the Union. Abraham Lincoln had just been declared president of the U.S after his election by a majority vote on November 6th, 1860. A month into the seat, South Carolina secedes from the Union, and they are later followed by Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana and Texas. By the second month of 1861, Confederate States of America is formed with Jefferson Davis as the president, the Confederates went on ahead to launch the first attack with 50 cannons upon Fort Sumter in the Charleston, and that was the genesis of civil war. The story of the US civil war is very much related to the Rhodesian Bush War in 1964 to 1979 latter known as Zimbabwe ("10 Facts You Should Know About the Civil War", 2016). The country was divided by the white minority rule that led to the segregation of the black people of the country. The war was fought on three frontiers, The Rhodesian government, The Zimbabwe African Liberation Army, and the Zimbabwe Peoples Revolutionary Army. The US civil war very much resonates with the situation in Rhodesia.

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The US civil war revolved around the issue of slavery and this central power in divided the United States. Slaves majorly the Negroes currently referred to as African America, Americans of African descent were taken as slaves; they worked on plantations forming the backbone of the economy of the Southern part of America. People on the north were of the opinion of that slavery was immoral and unfair to fellow human beings. The difference in opinions caused a rift in the nation; the same case applies to Rhodesia, and white Rhodesians ruled the country and the concept of decolonization would cause chaos in the country ("Rhodesian Bush War", 2016). The suffrage of the black people in their own country was a major cause of the civil war in Rhodesia; the white community felt that the war was a personal attack on their lifestyle and their rule in the nation. The relationship with the US civil war is that in both states, the war was fought based on human rights and the freedoms of a given section of the majority population ("The History Place - U.S. Civil War 1861-1865", 2016).

The Rhodesian war was seen as a conflict of the national and racial liberation war. The British government saw the war as a fight between on side of the country's population (white) versus the rest of the country's population the majority black. The Rhodesian government was of the opinion that they were fighting the communism and the compromise of the rule of law, but indeed, they were compromising and unwilling to change their policies on social, political and economic reforms in the country. The United States of America was split on the racism issue, and many states were opposed to the reforms that were being proposed, the theme of the abolition of slavery was not welcomed by many locals.

The changes that took place after the US civil war and the Rhodesian Bush wars saw to it that the rights and freedoms of the black people came to light. The segregation of the black people and the concepts of equality of made on the face of the planet started cropping up. Rights of all humans were regarded highly, and all men were considered equal.


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