WWII: The Global War of 1939-1945 - Essay Sample

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World War II is also known as the Second World War and was a global phenomenon that lasted between the Year 1939 to the Year 1945. The majority of the countries that participated in the War included the great superpowers that formed two different positions with military Alliances. The main key events in world war two included Germany under the leadership of Adolf Hitler invading Poland in Europe and japan initiating a war against China to dominate Asia.

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Despite officially starting in the year 1939, World war II started in Asia after japan attacked china to gain more control of pacific Asia. For a long time, Japan aimed at dominating Asia and the whole of the Pacific and was at War with China since the beginning of 1937. The lack of Direct clearance of War with each other makes it difficult to declare the events as part of the world war (Frounfelker et al., 2018). Nonetheless, it was a major event that led to World War II in Asia. Nonetheless, in Europe, World War II officially started in September 1939 after Germany invaded Poland. As a result, France and the United Kingdom declared a direct war against Germany for the action against Poland.

The two opposite groups became allies and formed the axis. There was a total war that emerged directly involving more than 100 million people from more than 30 countries, with the participants throwing away their economy,c industrial and scientific potential behind the War that also consumed the civilian resources and military resources. Until today, world War II was the deadliest conflict in human history with more than 85 fatalities. World War II involved genocide, such as the Holocaust, starvation, and diseases, as well as a massacre and the use of nuclear weapons.

The other significant event is the signing of a series of tries. This took place at the end of the year 1939. They were also followed by the formation of different allies that campaigned against Germany because Germany had been controlling the majority of Europe. Germany had formed an axis Alliance with both Italy and Japan so as to get more control (Abel et al., 2019). They later on, they signed Ribbentrop Pact in the year 1939 as Germany and the Soviet Union partitioned the territories of the neighboring European Nations such as Poland, Romania, and all the other Baltic states. After the onset campaign in North Africa and East Africa as well as the fall of France in the year 1940, the War was mainly between the European axis group and Great Britain. The axis also launched an attack against the Soviet Union to open a theatre of War that still remains the largest in human history.

The reason why the allies won was because of the events in Germany that had lost most of its attacks. Nonetheless, Japan launched an attack surprisingly against the United States and the other European colonies within the pacific. The United States immediately declared awards to Japan as it gained support from Great Britain. However, this led to the European axis declaring War against the United States as they aimed to help Japan as their Allie.

The War ended after the allies became victorious in both Europe and Asia. The victory was also attributed to the western allies attacking Germany in conjunction with the Soviet Union which led to the capture of Berlin by the Soviet soldiers. The suicide of Adolf Hitler together with German surrender in the year 1945 led to the allies becoming victorious as well. Nonetheless, japan refused to surrender until the United States dropped atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The Soviet Union also entered into the War against Japan has Japan decided to surrender to cement the victory for allies in Asia.


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