American History Book Curriculum

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Date:  2021-03-13

4.1 At what level, if any at all does curriculum expresses its purpose?

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The curriculum of American history book expresses its purpose deeply because it considers key areas of American history which the Government expects students to learn. The curriculum is able to provide historical information about politics, social life, economic and cultural practices of American history.

4.3 What educational goals and educational aims are included and emphasized in the curriculum

The educational goals and aims which are over emphasized in this curriculum is to provide the students with the framework of having deep understanding of political, social, economic and cultural issues affecting Americans. The curriculum also has a goal of examining the effects of the above factors on the American society. It also seek to provide memories of different facts about progress of high level thinking skills in order to promote students in making historical evaluation.

4.4 What type of learning objectives are included and emphasized on the curriculum

The type of learning objectives which are included and over emphasized in the curriculum include the demonstration of the understanding of cultural, economical, social and technological developments in America and other parts of the World. This curriculum also seeks to demonstrate how the Government works. It is therefore important to note that the history curriculum include three types of learning objectives which includes Cognitive objectives, effective objectives and behavioral objectives in all its nature.

4.5 What are the primary ways in which the curriculum represents the subject matter to students?

The primary way in which the curriculum represents the subject matter to students is through the use of concept map which acts as a very important tool that makes the content of history books in American more explicit. It use will make the history book be more accessible and easily integrated by students. Another important way of representing the subject matter in curriculum is by the application of constructivist principles which ensure that the curriculum is both problem centered and student centered. These two ways also makes the teachers to understand what the students should learn and what the teachers wants the student to learn.

4.6 Does the curriculum have a view of multicultural education in its content? Would you consider as assimilationist, multiethnic or social deconstructionist view

American history book have a view of multicultural education in its content because it ensure that students study people from different cultural backgrounds and multinational cultures. I therefore consider this curriculum to be multiethnic because it allows students to learn people from different ethnic groups.

4.7 How is it determined if student have met the standards? What are the consequences if it is determined that the students have not met standards? Does it matter if you adhere to the standards?

It is easy to determine if the students have met the standards. This is achieved by assessing if the learning objectives have been achieved by the students. The consequences of determining that the students have not met the standards are the use of additional cost to revise the curriculum. It is also important to adhere to the standards because it will allow the students both weak and strong to be able to achieve the learning objectives.

4.8 How is curriculum documented?

Curriculum is documented continuously by constantly being approved by the history academic division so that the curriculum remains as current as possible. It must also be documented to continuously so that it can reflect current updates and also to meet the requirement of education policies. The maintenance of history curriculum is maintained by the faculty and program faculty must also work close with the advisory committee to ensure that curriculum documented is able to meet the education standards.

4.9. To what social, economic, political or educational problems was the curriculum attempting to address

This curriculum was attempting to address past and present social, political, economical and educational problems so that the learners can use this historical information to solve future problems

5.0 What perspective if any does the curriculum represent?

This curriculum represents social, political, economic and educational background of the people of America.


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