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Community mapping is a method used by mappers to gather and analyze information from a specific geographical area.it is used to develop a new understanding of cultural and linguistic practices that make up the community. Community mapping develops awareness on literacies already present in students home lives while seeking to support school-based literacy learning.it is also vital in discovering literacy practices that are associated with home and school-based curriculum. Literary resources broaden teachers understanding of literacy techniques that can be used speaking, listening and reading.it also focuses on mapping the literacies of students and the surrounding community and using the findings to analyze school-based practices. The concept of literacy is used to refer to reading things that are important to the student and matter to them. These things are used to change the way of thinking of students leading to them being more passionate. Literacy is a fundamental right for all children around the world. The more teachers learnt more about their students the better the connection with them.

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Community Description

Teacher research is vital in constructing new knowledge and improving practice. This can only be achieved by the collaboration of teachers to conduct research about the cultural values and practices of a community that affect literary devices. Some cultural values of the community involved storytelling by parents to children. These stories held cultural and religious importance for the family. Parents also engaged their children in culturally relevant literary-based activities that included games. Parents who could read helped children read books and describe the pictures in the books.

Children acted out or made up stories based on the pictures. Studies showed that talking about pictures and items around them such as their homes helped boost and build early literacy of students .parents who were uncomfortable with reading to their children due to their low literacy skills were given early guidance. The most interest was with how families and their literary devices served school agendas. This interest was mainly driven to the expansive definitions of literacy with attempts to use that to create stronger relationships between schools and communities.in this study collaboration and shared agreements described the daily work of the teachers. Based on community practices, the findings reflected ways in which people learned together through cooperation and shared inquiry.

Literary Sources

There are various sites that were used to collect the literary devices of a community. They include local religious, cultural, civic and commercial locations. These sources are essential in determining the literacy practices and the way members of a community and families engage with them. Interviews were conducted to assess literacy routines and practices. The findings were used to draw maps that included all the literacy practices of the community and how to incorporate the devices in school-based learning. Family literacy devices involved parents attending evening academic events and utilizing the resources at home. Data from libraries and churches in the area were also used.

Data and Interpretations

Community mapping involves a process of deep engagement between the teacher and other members of the community.in this case data was collected from parents by inviting them to the classroom. Home visits and conducting interviews gave insight into the importance of community mapping and households at large. These conversations with parents established an understanding of viewing schools as a center of community and households affecting the community equally. From the maps drawn, literacy activities that are of benefit to students are determined.

Data can also be interpreted by analyzing surveys, interviews, artefacts and recorded observations of community events.it is essential to understand the patterns themes and relationships between students in and out of school to establish the connection. Taking map trips was an essential tool for understanding literacy activities in the community deeply. The artefacts collected were used shown to the students and all confirmed a connection with them. Other informants that were interviewed in the research included residents' librarians, pastors and business owners.

Incorporation of Literary Devices in Learning

By understanding literary devices in a community, better methods of teaching can be established by teachers. Such practices include using books that reflect students own experiences.it are essential to major in helping students understand their first language in order for them to learn a second language. So, doing enables students to develop more brilliance with the energy to learn new things due to increased levels of curiosity.it is vital to understand ground data and how community literacies support literacy learning within the classroom. Using images has a significant impact on students learning. Students can connect with the images in their world hence enhancing their understanding.

Images enable students to create a deep connection with their communities. Using images in-class discussion creates familiarity and can be used to introduce and support writing. An example could be asking students to write short poems about the images and how they related to them. Taking a more student-centered approach is essential in providing opportunities for students to negotiate and use their voices to guide instructions. By asking to students to write about objects and bring resources from home the students become excited about classroom learning. This approach enables students that their world was welcome to the classroom and was relevant in learning.

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