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Neuro-Linguistic Programming includes a set of skills that facilitate people to have communication that is of substance on the inside out. The approach offers techniques that allow people to deal with the challenges that they face and know how to utilize the opportunities that come through. Neuro-Linguistic Programming requires one to have behavior modification techniques and interventions that improve the confidence, awareness, and communication skills of the person. Neuro-Linguistic Programming allows people to understand how the world operates better in order to fit into the demands of the world. Therapists use various technologies in tuning the brains of people to adopt Neuro-Linguistic Programming therapy.

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NLP helps one in building relationships among the people because one gets to acquire skills of relating with other people. There are certain skills that one gets from NLP and is applicable in maintaining relationships among the people (Hurst). NLP enables one to have conflict solving skills that will keep friends together, even in times where differences come up. One gets to have an awareness of what the people need hence handling the situations that arise in friendships. The ability to understand people and their needs is an important aspect for friendships to last.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming can be used to positively one's life both physically, mentally as well as in belief and identity. The effectiveness of the approach depends on how skilled the practitioner is. If there are things you need to change, they should be communicated to the practitioner. This, therefore, means that the practitioner should be a good listener. The Neuro-Linguistic Programming training programs should be designed in a manner that follows the needs and desires of the trainee. Apart from the trainer, the effectiveness of the tool depends on the willingness of the individual to change. NLP is merely a tool, so it does not have the power on itself.

The NLP enables an individual to have the freedom and have a variety of choices in life. Unlike therapy, the purpose of Neuro-Linguistic Programming is to provide solutions rather than analyze the problem (NLP Life). The argument used in NLP is that as soon as you accept an individual changing their behavior is not a complicated task. The second principle of NLP is that people have the potential of succeeding. What is needed is unlocking the outcomes. The third NLP principle that is attributed to the effectiveness of NLP tool is that the way you communicate is very critical as it determines the feedback you get. The last and most crucial principle of Neuro-Linguistic Programming is that by controlling your mind, you are definitely in control of your life.

The Neuro-Linguistic Programming works by ensuring that adjusts his/her behaviors to promote the outcomes that they prefer (NLP Life). One of the ways in which the tool positively transforms life is by educating an individual on how to communicate effectively and become an exceptional negotiator. This improves one's performance in work because they can achieve the best. When you effectively communicate, people will listen to you, and the feedback you obtain will be beneficial to your goals.

The second way in which NLP works in positively changing lives is through changing of mental behaviors (NLP Life). Through NLP, one can adjust the mental behaviors to suit the desired outcomes. Additionally, it is possible to adopt habits portrayed by the people who you admire to be like. One can become successful in business, for example, by ensuring that they emulate the behaviors of successful people. When you succeed in controlling your mind, it becomes easy to change your life. If for example, you want to be an athlete, you can embrace the positive habits of a famous athlete such as by training for a few hours in the morning and keeping fit.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming can be used to change someone's life. Individuals can find new ways of handling stressful situations such as lack of confidence, low self-esteem, and dealing with a breakup or any other unpleasant situations in a relationship (Hurst). This is mainly achieved through NLP reframing technique whereby one is encouraged to view negative events differently. Instead of spending so much time worrying about the negative situation, the focus is shifted in reforming the situation into a positive empowering one. There is no medicine used in this technique, so it is purely behavioral training. The client is taught how to view situations from a different perspective. When one, for example, loses a job they are educated on how they should view the situation positively by perceiving it as an opportunity to start their own business.

The second NLP technique that can be used to transform life positively is anchoring. This technique aims to create a connection between the emotion and the stimulus (Hurst). The stimulus may be a word or an image. This technique helps in ensuring that we can manage our emotions, thereby avoiding becoming vulnerable to feeling weak and overwhelmed with emotions. Brain conditioning is what is applied in the anchoring technique, where a certain stimulus triggers a particular response. To avoid negative emotions, one can ensure that they associate the event with a positive response. It can be used to get rid of phobias by associating an event with experience. For example, anchoring is applied when one feels that they have achieved after passing an exam.

Mental Emotional Release Therapy is the approach that people used by people to release the mental challenges that they face, such as fear, stress, and negative emotions (James). Psychological Emotional Release Therapy helps people with a mental health condition to regain their mental health. Emotional challenges affect the well-being of a person and how they go about with their daily life. Mental challenges also affect the normal functioning of the body of the person; if there are mental challenges, then the body will try to respond to the challenges.

MER therapy is used in solving various psychological challenges that people have and enable people to remain healthy away from emotional challenges. Among the ways that the therapy is used in dealing with emotional challenges includes by identifying the negative thoughts that are bringing challenges to the brain (James). Identifying negative thoughts is key because one will be able to think of how they can eliminate negative thoughts. MER therapy also enables one to challenge the negative thought that harms the brain so that people can eliminate the negative thoughts that affect them. The elimination of the negative thoughts entails challenging the thoughts with positive thoughts and weighing between the negative and positive thoughts. The patients are able to replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts.

Mental therapists have an option to use the mental, emotional release therapy in helping their s patient's deal with mental challenges that affect patients. MER has a guideline that the therapists can use in assisting the patient manage their mental conditions (James). Dealing with mental challenges is a process that has to follow all the steps for the therapy to be successful. The therapy helps to create awareness among the patients on how they can deal with the various mental challenges that will finally influence the normal body functioning. It's difficult to deal with a mental disorder that is challenging to the patients.

When people identify the factors that are bringing the change, then they can find the solution to the cause of the mental challenge (James). Some of the issues that bring mental challenges such as stress can be dealt with by accepting the situations that cannot be changed. Some issues that happen in the life of a person are permanent and cannot be solved; therefore, one needs to accept the situation. The therapist makes the patient take issues the way they are if they are permanent.


In conclusion, Neuro-Linguistic Programming enables people to have proper communication skills that facilitate the interactions among the people. People get to solve possible conflicts that might arise due to poor communication skills. On the other hand, Mental Emotional Release helps people deal with mental challenges that affect the well-being of a person. People face challenges in realizing their potential when they have mental challenges. The personal well-being of a person should include the internal factors that affect the day to the life of a person.

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