Rich and Poor Kids Essay

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Date:  2022-05-17

In our societies, families vary in terms of income and their living status. The variation in income values may result in the status of some families being rich while others who have little or no income are said to be poor. Consequently, the kids born to these abled families acquire the status of being rich while their counterparts from the poor or low-class families are termed, poor kids. Poor kids normally face numerous life challenges which may discourage them along the way as they grow compared to the rich kids who are definitely not bothered about their tomorrow since they are fully convinced that their parents are able and hence anything they demand from them will always be provided without delay. It is because of this that make some poor kids to put more effort in their academic work to help change and shape their families in future while others end up engulfed with the thoughts of how to make it in life and hence end up wasting themselves.

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In identifying the gap between the rich and poor in the society which bring about the status of being rich kids and poor kids, a correlational research analysis is required where the kids are compared in terms of their living environments, the nature of food that they eat while at home, the nature of their bedding and their leisure and how they spend their holidays. An experiment that compares two or more variables is known as a correlational research analysis. In most instances, the poor kids suffer a lot since they cannot get access to quality education, good food and are exposed to poor housing due to lack of money, unlike their rich counterparts who can enjoy anything they wish to have.

The following questions may be crucial asking a researcher concerning his research on the correlational analysis between the rich and poor kids.

  • What are the causes of poverty among the poor kids? Is it because they are orphans or their parents are just unable to provide?
  • How do the poor kids take their academic work in relation to the rich kids?
  • What the difference in the attitudes of the poor kids and the rich kids about life? Which kids are more visionary and which kids are more positive about life?

With the three questions in place, it is very easy for the audience to get to know how it feels to be a poor kid and a rich kid and the variations which exist between them. The journal articles to the links used are cited below.

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