UAE University of Abu Dhabi 2019 Graduation Ceremony - Essay Sample

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Date:  2022-12-16


The University of Abu Dhabi will be holding their 13th graduation ceremony on 9th April 2019. The ceremony will be held for three days. This ceremony will go on up to the 11th date of that same month. More students are expected to be awarded diplomas, degrees, masters and doctorates this year compared to the previous year. The University of Abu Dhabi offers quality education and graduates from the campus get all the general knowledge and skills to tackle the outside world with success.

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The graduation ceremony will be held inside the university at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC). The diplomas are usually mailed to student addresses listed on their accounts. The students should have completed their account balances to receive their diploma. In order to graduate at the university as a student, you should file an application for graduation at the start or beginning of the semester that you are supposed to graduate in. There are seven-course departments that are offered. They are referred to as colleges. Each college will have their final students that have been accessed and cleared get their certificates. They are as follows; college of art and sciences, college of business, college of engineering, University college, college of law and academic programs for military colleges.

The graduation ceremony is held in order to give a student the license to practice their discipline in their perspective work stations. The graduation ceremony also helps in grading and differentiating how skilled or knowledgeable a student has become which helps organizations in judging and rating a person's capability during an interview. The University of Abu Dhabi main objective is to pass quality knowledge in all aspects of livelihood in order to help their students compete fairly with other university graduates in the job market scene.

The graduation ceremony at the University of Abu Dhabi starts in the morning at 9.00 o'clock where students take their portraits at the Calvary Assembly of God and later check in at the school Gym by eleven o'clock and by twelve o'clock where the student's leaders have a brief meeting with the Grand Marshal at the Haven. The students who are graduating do their rehearsals at this point and they are already dressed in their gowns. By one o'clock in the afternoon, the faculty arrives while marching at the national exhibition Centre where the ceremony is supposed to take place. Parents, friends, and guests should be settled at the haven. Its doors close for prayers marking the start of the initiation ceremony. During the process of the graduation ceremony, graduates should or may take pictures with faculties.


A graduation ceremony marks a very important phase in a student's life. This enables a student to be able to look for work with the skills acquired from the institution with the graduation certificates as proof. The graduation ceremony is a happy moment for both children and parents as it indicates success in a person's life. One is able to practice and chase his or her dreams. This phase also gives a student the okay to start a new life. It means that no one has become a grown up and should now go out to the world and make his life independently. The graduation ceremony main theme is to celebrate the student's success and also to prepare the student for the start of a new phase in life.

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