UAE Red Crescent Continues to Make a Difference Essay

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Date:  2022-08-15

"The world can be a better place if everyone cared like the Red Crescent." Since its inception in 1983, UAE Red Crescent has continued to offer humanitarian support in different areas and for various reasons. More so, it has been supporting development programs that intend to improve people socially as well as promoting worldwide peace. Recently, the organization seeks to intensify its efforts in two ways: enhance its urgency in relief strategies and get more volunteers. This objective emanates from the fact that Red Crescent has faced significant challenges when offering the urgent responses in liberated areas or other regions which are in crisis.

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A recent case involves what took place in Hodeida. In this region of Tuhaita district, UAE Red Crescent played an elemental role to support people as part of its emergency relief response to humanitarian situations. Its response mechanisms have been mainly through food baskets and other necessities that the liberated families usually require. As its operations director confirms, the relief convoy comes to help Yemeni people to overcome adverse economic situations which emanate from terrorist practices propagated by Al Houthi militia. From such interventions, there is a higher chance that the living conditions of Yemeni people like other areas will also improve.

As a proof of its commitment to relief responses, ERC recently dispatched an emergency relief that contained over 35,000 tonnes of foodstuff. The other part of this basic aid has been airlifting of 14,000 food parcels that all went to Yemeni people. There were also 100 trucks that carried relief items purchased from local markets. Another area that benefited from the humanitarian efforts is Lahej. With no doubt, such efforts are a signal of an organization that is committed to seeing a more peaceful and better world where people can live cohesively.

In spite of this commitment, UAE Red Crescent has also been facing significant challenges which it seeks to address. Part of the problem has been the lack of adequate volunteers. In most cases, the organization's success comes from increased well-wishers' support. For instance, the support received through relief food and clothes has been plenty. In some cases, financial resources haven't been a problem as well. However, to succeed in food and material distribution has been quite hectic due to the inadequate number of volunteers.

Currently, Red Crescent's mission is to appeal to the private sector as well as the government to encourage more people to volunteer. The organization is confident that it will receive a high number of volunteers from all walks of life who will donate their time and activities to see the organization succeeds in its humanitarian efforts. More so, there is a plea to have people skilled in different professions such as medicine, nutrition, and mental health to join the team. This way, it will become easier to address more victims' concerns apart from giving food and clothes.


"More volunteers will guarantee a better future." With more volunteers, the UAE Red Crescent will no doubt be in a better position to urgently respond when people are in need. In spite of this plea, the organization requires the foreign volunteers to be UAE residents and preferably over twenty-five years of age. Through such support from the private and public sectors, Red Crescent hopes that it will provide more, urgent, and efficient humanitarian efforts in the future.

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