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The Triumvirate Environmental is an online-oriented small business enterprise which works with the general public to provide the safe, efficient and effective environment. It ensures compliance with the environmental safety and also helps the clients come up with new strategies for dealing with dangerous waste materials that litter the environment causing pollution of the soil, water, and air. The company generates more than $1.5 million in revenue using the social media platforms.

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The marketing manager for the company as well as the new media trainer, Mark Campanale, revealed how the business evolved into the online and social media marketing program. Triumvirate Environmental attributes the $1.5 million revenue to the LinkedIn, blogs and the search engine optimisation. The company began the online marketing in the year 2006 making use of the Google Adwords. However, the early process while entering the digital marketing was not such satisfactory that the company can be proud of since the application of the Google Adwords in the digital marketing was expensive to run. (Burns, P. 2016).

In the beginning, there were inadequately trained personnel who could not run the Adwords very efficiently and effectively. As a result, the PPC capital that was spent was not tied to the required appropriate efforts of marketing and the specific lead generation. After attempting the first experiments using Adwords, there was the need to support the lead generation efforts. The Triumvirate Company started applying the better social media marketing techniques with powerful tools. The company's content marketing mix included the use of diverse tools such as the search engine optimisations, email marketing, whitepapers, pay-per-click advertising, and blogging, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. The remarkable success for the Triumvirate environmental was significant as a result of the built Blog Network. The enterprise, however, adapted various technical marketing approaches which are unique to itself.

To match the diverse services being offered, the company opted to develop networks of the internal blogs instead of adapting the traditional blogging approaches. The strategy was adopted in that format since the blogs offered the primary driving force for the organic traffic. To create an effective content relevant to the various forms of business units, 13 blogs on each different topics was very necessary, each serving a specific function and audience.

Various industrial blogs such as the "Life sciences" and the "industrial" applied to this strategy but hey had to be complemented using the more specific topic blogs such as FDNY New Standards and the PCB Remediation. The enterprise had both the specific as well as the full blogs thus was able to generate the technical search traffic from niche, the higher search volume keywords and low search volume keywords.

Leads Generation with a Small Business Blog

The enterprise worked to guide the customers to the business website. However, it proved greatly significant working to generate leads and acquire more customers for the business. Ever since Triumvirate enterprise has developed numerous blog posts in its famous "PCB Remediation" blog which addresses the following topics:

  • EH&S Compliance,
  • Higher Education,
  • Healthcare,
  • Engineering,
  • Life Sciences,
  • Environmental Issues,
  • Health, wellness & safety
  • Environmental careers
  • Environmental news
  • Social media

The strategy used above was very active since the content of marketing was created on a blog instead of the product page thus it offered a simple, efficient and very effective way for the industry professionals to conveniently subscribe to topics of their choice through the use of emails and RSS feeds. Through offering those subscription options, the Triumvirate enterprise was able to increase its overall reach within the industry extensively.

Triumvirate customer service provision was highly customised to meet the clients' personal needs. The business understood the real needs of its customers. Since the customers demonstrated varied forms of need in service provision, it was a bright idea to provide a means of direct communication between the customers and the business personnel. The business provided a precise number and extension for the clients to not only speak with the provision team member of Triumvirate service but to a specific expert in the particular field of inquiry. Apart from the provision of the number for one on one conversation, on the blog was also an easy-to-follow link to the PCB resources page that contained the form for leads conversion. (Mador, M. 2010).

Within the blog was a landing page providing a straightforward and transparent way to drive the online leads. The page also provided the additional PCB resources and the directive information to the clients and the prospective customers.

Social Media Used To Drive the Triumvirate Leads and Reach

The contents of Triumvirate business enterprise was easy to find online through Google. To improve customer engagement, other social networks such as the Facebook and Twitter were applied as platforms for driving blogs and website traffic. The Triumvirate enterprise used Twitter as a platform for publishing the industry news, the contents of the enterprise updates as well as the available opportunities for employment.

Resourcing Social Media as a Small Business

The $1.5 million was quite a significant justifier for investing in the digital marketing. However, time was a major constraint. Despite the many social media platforms incurring little or no costs, a long time is needed for them to work properly. To address that, Triumvirate deployed two individuals in the marketing staff. It also used the interns, especially in the broad social media marketing strategy.

The enterprise also succeeded in leveraging employees from outside the department of marketing and actively involved them in the social media marketing. For example, LinkedIn was popularly used by the account managers to develop their brands as well as blogging on a monthly basis.

The Following Entrepreneurial Skills, Knowledge and Experiences Enhanced the Success of Triumvirate Enterprise

Running the enterprise was not easy since it went through the ups and downs. However, the resiliency of the team members enabled them to continue pressing harder even when the outlook seemed bleak.

Secondly, the marketing team for the Triumvirate enterprise as well as other stakeholders remained focused on the enterprise goals especially as the business faced various distractions in the digital platforms. Focus on the goals created unity of adequate performance and results.

The business enterprise was able to connect with millions of customers via the social media platforms thereby enabling its products and brands noticed easily and improved the aggregate sales.

The employees were skilled at identifying and focusing on the prospective customers via the social networking platforms and this enhanced one on one experience and the consequent success.

Another skill that was used to maneuver that contributed to the business success was the fact that the enterprise management team was well patient to see the long-term investment transform into a reality. They were men with high proficiency in planning.

Apart from having good planning skills, the employees deployed in the marketing department had sound management skills and capabilities. The Triumvirate enterprise not only leveraged employees but also put very significant efforts in networking to meet the right people who were able to push the enterprise to scalable heights.

An essential skill which was observed in all the employees of Triumvirate enterprise was their proficiency to sell the ideas, products and services to customers in the various digital platforms. They showed great concern to serve their clients whenever the need arose and consequently boosted the popularity of the enterprise in the various online platforms.

Additionally, the employees were always eager to learn and stay up to date on the new trends in the industry, the new technology and systems of prospecting and sourcing new customers. Moreover, the Triumvirate enterprise employees and vendors were very resourceful in knowledge and experience which enabled them to be self-reliant while discharging their duties to the customers.

Theories Applied In the Running of Triumvirate Enterprise

Economic theories

The market focuses on Triumvirate enterprise were quite complex and risky to undertake. However, there was a massive risk-taking in the running of the business from leveraging the employees to investing in the online marketing platforms. Despite the challenging situation of economic risk considerations, taking the calculated risks with the aim of achieving the ultimate profits was very important.

The resource-based theories

The enterprise not only leveraged the employees and resources but also made significant use of the interns to facilitate the online marketing strategies. Apart from the human resources, Triumvirate enterprise also leveraged other resources such as the social networks and the proper information provision. Proper management of these resources set the enterprise apart from the rest in its category. With high scaling market perspective, the enterprise managed to allocate its resources to the most productive potential prospects. (Mador, M. 2010).

Psychological theories

The success of Triumvirate enterprise majorly lied on the individual elements of the employees. Apart from being resilient, the employees demonstrated great creativity and positive behaviour which saw the enterprise scaling higher and higher. Moreover, they were well motivated to deliver the services effectively with high professional skills. The excellent customer experience due to proper motivation enhanced a great success in creating and developing healthy relationships which consequently led to the development of customer loyalty.

Sociological theories

The enterprise employees had certain techniques of discerning and making appropriate adjustments to the various social behaviour of the customers depicted from their tastes and preferences. The flexibility of its products also contributed a lot to shaping and attracting social attitudes and interests. Once the image of the enterprise improved, there was a significant influx of the potential clients showing a great interest in the products and services provided by the enterprise. (Shane, S. A. 2008). Moreover, the number of people who visited the business websites as well as those who interacted through the business social networking platforms tremendously increased.

Opportunity-based theory

The Triumvirate business enterprise was generally opportunistic given the situation of the radical social changes that were taking place at its start. For example, there was an enormously growing rate of the social media users every day. The higher population of persons in the social media platforms was a direct prospective market ready for exploitation. When the opportunity was finally undertaken, the resulting outcome was overwhelmingly desirable.

Attributes For the Success of Triumvirate Enterprise

The Triumvirate marketing manager explains that persistence and undying consistency were the primary contributor attributes to the massive success that was observed. Embracing the social media marketing efforts is very important as it contains a vast mass of the potential customers for the products offered by the enterprise. However, the time invested in the initial stage would seem too immense, but over time, the resulting revenue is very encouraging.

Another essential attribute was being positive and always optimistic that the business would scale into a massive success someday. The success achieved by the Triumv...

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