The Support of the Stakeholders and the Implementation Process of Evidence-Based Practice

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Date:  2022-08-23

Section one

There are several reasons why the support of the stakeholders is important. First, the stakeholders normally assist in acquiring of a comprehensive understanding of the crucial details of health projects as well as the financial required financial plans. This is relevant because finance is considered ad the most vital part in any given project and without adequate financial support, the project is more likely to fail (Desai, 2018). There is a growing need to continue educating the stakeholders involved in the health project of reducing falls among the elderly (de Moura Sa et al., 2017).

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Second, the stakeholders assist in committing of the significant resources which are needed during the accomplishment of the health project. Third, the support of health stakeholders is essential since the support helps the individuals who are in training and it promotes all the needed ideas required in the generation and implementation of the health project. Efficacy will be improved in accomplishing the health project of reducing the falls among the elderly by establishing a balance of the available resources including the stakeholders (Cheng et al., 2018). The health stakeholders offer the needed necessities like committed time which ensure that the health project successfully attains its objectives.

It is essential that one has a good strategy through which they can secure the support of the stakeholders on their health project (Andrews & Beynon, 2017). One way through which I would use to obtain the stakeholder's support in the health project is by welcoming all the stakeholders in meetings meant for health support. Furthermore, I would request for the support from the stakeholders through sensitizing the problems being experienced in the health section. I would also make sure that the health project is adequately advertised such that it welcomes various interested participants.


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Section two

Technology to enhance the implementation process of evidence-based practice is as follows; the utilization of information and communication technology (ICT) may improve the process of implementation as well as the outcomes of the evidence-based practice project. ICT will allow conducting of systematic research that will offer sufficient evidence c0ncerning evidence-based practice (Hsu, 2016). Moreover, ICT will enable internet search for the useful information which may promote evidence-based practice. Integration with a system of knowledge that applies the method of artificial intelligence, medical personnel who are expected to learn about the new medical practices will be advised regarding the utilization of new methodology which the system will be providing after going through thorough research concerning patient diagnosis. The method of artificial intelligence will help the medical professionals when making useful decisions (Thoma, Hutchison, Johnson, Johnson, & Stromer, 2017). Therefore, I plan to make use of this technology in carrying out research which will enable me in obtaining sufficient evidence from the systematic analysis. Through ICT, I can quickly acquire a lot of significant information by using internet search regarding all aspects that concern the evidence-based practice of the project.

The barriers that are expected to be experienced while implementing the use of technology includes; the reliance in technology can lead to the making of misinformed choices which is fatal, the systems of technology usually fail in certain times at significant junctures which leave the patient and the doctor in jeopardy. The process of implementation of a given technology is costly which can lead the administration of the hospital operating in debts and losses hence reducing the efficiency of the organization (Pittman & Gaines, 2015). The other barrier is that changes in technology may render the entire system becoming redundant with the interventions of the newly approved system. This may lead to the extra usage of money in the medical institution.


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