Translating If and And Statements Paper Example

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Date:  2022-07-15

In different sentence structures use If and And comes out differently to give the sentence distinct meaning. In this paper, we are going to discuss such functions and use various examples to expound its clarification. Moreover to get the primary difference between If and And a person must ensure he emphasizes on the direction and learns the importance of enhancing the logical connectives. This helps to show the distinction between logical set sentences without using any formula other than the laid out sentence structure.

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In addition to that, And is used to connect between two different sentence phrases (Li, 2008). This makes the sentence structure correct and brings out an easy understanding of the meaning of the two connected individual phrases.

Example: mum and Dad arrived at 9 pm but by 11 am they had left.

Let consider an example of a marketing director of a big corporate sending clarification about the goods supplied to his customers. In such a sentence we must use and link various issued statements concerning the clarification with set rules to ensure that the sentence does not lose its relevant meaning to the customers. This seems complicated but in the various examples which we going to use below, we will learn what the difference is without strain.

For example, we do not have to use the word and to reinstate a logical connective in a sentence structure. If you instruct a supplier who brings you goods for reselling to, "bring more goods". Then bring your invoice for me to file before payment processing. The supplier will be aware he was instructed to do two things. However, he will not have completed the assignment given unless he does both orders. However, use of And is not used to explain connectivity.

Example: if you are sick, you will have to visit the hospital.

Translation: In the above statement the use of If was to interchange the hypothesis and the conclusion. The sentence might be an assumption but giving a certain opinion from imagination. The part having if statement is the part of the sentence structure containing hypothesis while the other part will be containing the conclusion or the condition of the statement.

If might also be used to form contrapositive statements (Milner, 2010). This is formed by interchanging the hypothesis individual part of the sentence structure with the concluding statement.

Example: if you feel okay by now, then you took the medication properly.

If is also used to make a declarative statement within a sentence structure (TheTrevTutor, 2016). This occurs by linking the independent clause with defendant clause then introduces an adverbial clause.

Example: if he went to the hospital, he could have managed the condition causing the sickness.

Translation: This statement means not necessary that he would have managed the condition by going to the hospital. It introduces a condition which would have happened if he went to the hospital. This is referred to as a declarative statement. It brings up things whose consequence can be speculated.

If is also used to bring out an argumentative statement within a sentence structure (talk, 2013).

Example: if he continues going to the hospital frequently, he will manage his condition over time.

Translation: This statement is similar to the statement in the previous example but in this sentence structure it brings more of an argument in its meaning. In this statement, it adds the statement.


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